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Pharmacological Action of Garcinia Cambogia Extract
Jun 17, 2020

Garcinia cambogia extract is derived from pure natural extract, and has clear chemical composition and weight-loss mechanism of western medicine raw materials.By inhibiting fat synthesis, promoting the burning of fatty acids and reducing food intake, the trinity,achieve the effect of weight loss, is a rare, the most ideal effect of weight loss.One of the ingredients for weight loss and health care.In Europe and the United States is the first choice of diet products.


The mechanismgarcinia cambogia factory of action of HCA is mainly to help people lose weight by inhibiting fat synthesis. When glucose turns into fat, HCA inhibits citrate lyase, making fat unable to be synthesized, and inhibits glycolysis, thus helping people achieve the effect of weight loss.


The way food is digested in the body is that it enters the body first, and then carbohydrates are broken down into small molecules called glucose, which then enters the blood as blood sugar and spreads throughout the body to provide energy.


However, if the glucose is not used immediately, it is stored in the liver or muscles to form garcinia cambogia factoryglycogen, but if the liver glycogen is fully stored, the glucose is converted to citric acid by glycosyolysis and the citric acid cycle, which is then lysed to fat by ATP-citrate lyase.At this point, gerifolia extract can competitively inhibit atP-citrate lyase activity, thereby preventing the process of sugar conversion to fat.


HCA is more effective in preventing weight gain after losing weight.For those who struggle to lose weight.By ingesting products that add HCA to their diet, they are more effective at maintaining their weight.HCA is particularly suitable for Easterners: Note that citrate Lyase is of particular interest.It only works if you overeat carbohydrates, so it's particularly good for a starchy diet of the Oriental.


It has been shown that the consumption of garcinia cambogia extract can reduce the level of neuropeptide Y in the hypothalamic tissue of animals, which can significantly increase the appetite of animals before eating.

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