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A Letter From General Manager
Dec 31, 2019

Dear All:

The 2019 train is now moving away and will be gone.

Looking back, we have never been so proud as we are today, except to feel the feeling of "the dead such as Sve, not giving up day and night" and marveling at how fast the time has passed.

We have been the "downwalker" in the economic downturn.

In the past 2019, we have gone through the share restructuring, Moved to a new office space, invested nearly a million to build a luxury exhibition platform at home and abroad, and achieved various certifications covering the industry.

We focus on innovation, crushing production, so that our large Emodin, aloe vera extract, dihydromyricetin, amygdalin's process breakthrough.

We have introduced two Ph.D.s to help our development to build the core driving force for Natural Field's future. 

We set up a Shanghai office, and strive to achieve large sales to drive the concept of large products.

We focus on Supply Chain Building, change to simple product procurement for the Project System.


Looking ahead to 2020, we will do things 1 meter wide and 100 meters deep in each segment.

We will continue to optimize innovation through technological transformation. Examples include Dihydromyricetin powder, NMN powder, NR.

We want to shout out to the market, more beautiful and cheaper, we will stand on the low-cost advantages forged by technology, to obtain the right to speak of products.

In 2020, we will continue to invest millions in technology research and development to complete the company's transition from a business-oriented to a technology-based manufacturing model.

New Year, start a new journey!New ambition, new ambition!

Tomorrow is unknown, but still available!

2020, let's join us and make every day full and shining. 

General Manager: Haiying Yang

December 31, 2019 

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