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What Is The Bitter Melon Extract Charantin?
Jul 14, 2017

Momordica charantia extract, Also named bitter melon extract powder, which is extracted from bitter melon. The main ingredient is charantin in bitter gourd, and true content is tested by hplc analysis. The charantin chemical structure is C42H62O16.

Bitter Melon Extract Benefits

Studies also claim that bitter melon extract(Also named momordica charantia extract) has anti-cancerous properties, which work well against liver cancer, leukemia and melanoma. Doctors also claim that it is a potential fighter against various kinds of tumor and can also cut its burden. It is also considered helpful for breast cancer treatment has many claims attached to it. Research reveals that this extract regulates several biological processes, which kills breast cancer cells.bitter_melon_extract.jpg

Clinical Indications

Charantin Diabetes

The ability of bitter melon to decrease serum glucose levels has been investigated in animal studies and in a small number of human studies, which will be discussed below. Reductions in blood sugar after taking bitter melon can be seen quickly—as soon as 30 minutes—with the greatest reduction occurring at 4 hours and lasting for 12 hours.

Lastly, more recently and more importantly, a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, trial was done in type 2 diabetics using dried bitter melon fruit and seeds, 3 g/day after meals, for 2 months. There was a trend in favor of bitter melon for the reduction of glycosylated hemoglobin, although the study was quite small.

Main Function:

1. Supporting and lowering healthy blood sugar levels and blood pressure.

2. Regulating blood fats and reinforce.

3. Improving insulin function and releasability.

4. Preventing and improving diagetes complication.

5. Ingest the fat and lower the polysaccharide.

6. Treating pyreticosis, polydipsia, summerheat stroke, high fever and pain, carbuncle, erysipelas malignant apthane, diabetes and Aids.

Where Can You Buy Charantin?

Xi'an Natural Field Bio-Technique Co.,Ltd. is the professional Manufacturer of Herbal Extract Since 2005. And attend the CPHI, Vitafoods and API Exhibition from 2008. Charantin is the one of strong products. If you need this products, please visit their website www.nfnutra.com or send an inquiry to info@natural-field.com at any time.

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