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Sodium Aescinate uses
Jan 11, 2022

Sodium Aescinate has the effects of anti-inflammatory, reducing swelling, dilating veins, and improving microcirculation, so it is often used for the treatment of cerebral edema, postoperative pain, swelling, and hematoma.

1. Treatment of cerebral hemorrhage

Intracerebral hemorrhage is a high morbidity disease with high morbidity and mortality. Therefore, early treatment of cerebral hemorrhage is particularly important, which can not only reduce the morbidity and mortality of patients but also effectively alleviate the patient's condition. Aescin sodium not only has the effect of improving microcirculation, but also can treat the ischemic area around the hematoma, and the therapeutic effect is very obvious. The use of aescin sodium combined with conventional treatment has a significant clinical effect, and the cure rate and total effective rate for the early treatment of cerebral hemorrhage are better than those of conventional treatment.

sodium aescinate 20 mg

2. Treatment of orthopedic trauma and its swelling

Post-traumatic swelling and impaired venous return in orthopedics have always plagued medical practitioners, so treatment to eliminate postoperative swelling is particularly important. Early doctors used mannitol and other drugs to treat swelling after orthopedic surgery, but it would cause damage to organs such as the liver and kidneys. In recent years, aescin sodium has had a remarkable curative effect on orthopedic swelling without obvious side effects, which has been paid attention to by medical workers.

3. Treatment of neck swelling after thyroidectomy

Neck soft tissue edema after thyroidectomy can cause breathing disorders and even death from asphyxiation. Therefore, it is urgent to prevent and treat neck edema after thyroidectomy. The researchers treated 120 patients with neck swelling after thyroid disease surgery. The experimental group used 20 mg of aescin sodium injection, and then added 250 mL of 10% glucose injection. The patients were treated by intravenous drip. The results were the same as those of the control group. Compared with the treatment method using sodium aescin, it can effectively reduce the occurrence of postoperative neck swelling and other diseases, speed up incision healing, and relieve the patient's wound pain.

aescin sodium

4. Treatment of postoperative edema of mixed hemorrhoids

The most common complication after mixed hemorrhoids surgery is wound edema, which not only delays the healing of the wound but also aggravates the patient's pain, especially when defecation is unbearable. Therefore, it is particularly important to relieve pain, speed up wound healing, and improve the quality of life of patients. Through observation and treatment of 180 patients with mixed hemorrhoids, the results show that the use of aescin sodium tablets combined with conventional treatment can effectively prevent postoperative edema, relieve pain, and reduce secretions and bleeding symptoms.

5. Treatment of acute facial neuritis

Acute facial neuritis, also known as peripheral facial paralysis, is a kind of acute peripheral facial paralysis caused by a variety of reasons, resulting in facial muscle dysfunction, which has a great impact on the patient's diet, drinking, and conversation. The scientific community treated 52 patients with acute facial neuritis, with G-aescin sodium 10mg, plus 100mL of normal saline, intravenous drip, the results found that compared with the control group, the B-aescin sodium group can improve microcirculation, reduce Nerve edema, can effectively treat acute facial neuritis, the total effective rate is higher than the control group.

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