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Repair Scars And Remove Stretch Marks - Centella Asiatica Extract
Jul 14, 2021


Gotu kola belongs to perennial herb, often curled into clumps, its stems slender. Native to India, is now widely distributed in the world's tropical, subtropical regions. Traditional Chinese herbal medicine Centella asitica is used to relieve pain, treat infectious hepatitis and epidemic meningococcal meningitis.

In India and China, gotu kola herb has traditionally been used to remove scars and de-inflammatory disease.

The mechanism and efficacy of Centella asiatica herb extract


The active components of gotu kola extract are mainly asiaticoside and Madecassoside, and the role of centella asiatica in scarring and wound healing has been for thousands of years, and the main mechanisms revealed by the Modern Institute are mainly achieved through the following aspects:

Promotes the growth of fibroblasts in the skin

Promotes skin collagen synthesis

Inhibits inflammation

Inhibits the activity of the matrix metallidase

Comprehensive above the mechanism of action, centella asiatica leaf extract on the skin's beneficial effects can be summarized, these effects include:

1.Skin damage repair; 

2. Slow skin ulcers; 

3. Remove scars;

4. Repair and help promote the new life of aging skin;

5. Anti-cellular weeping inflammation to remove stretch marks

What are the products related to centella asiatica herbal? The list of ingredients related to penny grass on the ingredients table is as follows, which can be used by you in the analysis ofcosmetic ingredients in both Chinese and English:

Classified according to the type of penny grass's efficacy and product-related claims.

1. Repair and promote the regeneration of aging skin related products

This effect claims skin care products,gotu kola extractproducts are very many, such as Estee Lauder Group, L'Oreal Group under the anti-aging line products, casually flip through some fashion magazines, you know which products I am referring to. Domestic brands under the domestic family group of various brands, the Maxam, Herborist, SHANGHAI VIVE, etc. , a brand is not less. Some domestic, Taiwan's small brands are very much used.

2.Anti-cellular tissue removes stretch marks    

Removing stretch marks is the effect many women want, this piece is actually through skin care products to solve or very difficult. Remove stretch marks everyone can think of is certainly CLARINS, It has a product called caress tattoo body cream, can be used to see.

3. Scars  Removing

There are some gotu kola-repairing scar gel products on the market, if the amount added is enough, you can still try.

4. Eyes tightness 

There are many such products as ARTISTRY's moisturizing eye cream, Neova Eye Therapy and many more

If you need wholesale centella powder certified Kosher and Halal or for any inquiry or further information, please contact us,welcome contact [email protected]would always provide you an all-in-one solution.

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