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Does Centella Asiatic Pennywort Really Help Acne?
May 10, 2021

Centella Asiatica (also know as cica or Asiatic pennywort or spadeleaf) is suit for all skin types but it's truly a godsend for acne-prone skin! The most active part of centella in healing scars is the aglycone of asiaticoside, and the concentration of it is also affects its efficacy.

The Effect of Asiaticoside on Ance

■Anti-inflammatory: Treatment of inflammation caused by acne, helping to eliminate redness and swelling caused by inflammation caused by acne.Gotu+kola Spadeleaf

■Promote skin growth: It has a good healing effect on the wounds formed by acne, and minimizes the scars after acne.

■Inhibit the proliferation of collagen fibers: Inhibit raised scars on the skin after acne.

■ Antioxidant: For acne, antioxidant plays a role in many aspects, mainly to fight against pigmentation or whitening, but madecassoside is limited in this respect.

Existing Research Proof

Juraiporn Somboonwong find that gotu kola herb accelerates the healing of wounds;

■ Another reasch also find that CICA can speed up the wound-healing process,

Xueqing Shen find that Indian Pennywort madecassoside reduced the amount of inflammation.

Therefore, Centella asiatica is said to have both speeding up wound healing and inhibiting scar formation, and it also has anti-inflammatory function and anti-oxidiant function, it can be said that it is completely suitable for the treatment of acne.

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