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Is sodium hyaluronate good for your skin?
Nov 23, 2021

Because hyaluronic acid has a very good moisturizing effect, and because it is a natural biologically active substance ubiquitous in the skin and other tissues, it has been used in beauty and cosmetics since the 1980s and is praised as Daran moisturizing factor achieves the effects of anti-wrinkle, skin rejuvenation and anti-aging. The addition amount is usually 0.05%~0.5%. At present, the types of cosmetics with HA added at home and abroad have gradually expanded from creams, essence lotions, skin lotions, and skin care masks to body washes, lipsticks, shampoos, hair care mousses, etc., and their applications are indeed very wide.

1 Application of moisturizing effect in cosmetics

The most important role of HA in cosmetics is its moisturizing effect. When the aqueous solution of HA is applied to the surface of the skin, a moisturizing and breathable film can be formed to make the skin smooth and shiny. Compared with other moisturizers, its outstanding feature is that the relative humidity of the external environment has a relatively small effect on its moisturizing effect. The moisture absorption of HA in a low relative humidity (33%) environment is the highest, while it has the lowest moisture absorption in a high relative humidity (80%) environment. The unique moisturizing properties of HA are adapted to the requirements of the skin for the moisturizing effect of cosmetics in different seasons and different environmental humidity conditions, such as autumn and winter and summer. In cosmetics, HA is generally less used alone as a humectant, and is often used in combination with other humectants.

2 Application of nutrition in cosmetics

HA is inherently a biologically active substance in the skin, and exogenous HA can effectively supplement the endogenous HA in the skin. The low molecular weight HA can penetrate into the epidermal layer of the skin and promote blood microcirculation, thereby promoting the absorption of nutrients and the excretion of waste by the skin. It prevents skin aging and plays a health care function of beauty and beauty.

3 Repair of skin damage and sun protection

When the human skin is exposed to the sun, it will cause light burns or moxibustion and pain, which will make the skin red, darkened, and peeling, mainly caused by the damage of ultraviolet rays in the sun. The active oxygen free radicals generated by ultraviolet rays in the sun can cause lipid peroxidation of the skin, destroy cell membranes, and kill cells, which are related to skin pigmentation. At this time, HA will promote the regeneration of the damaged skin by promoting the proliferation and differentiation of epidermal cells, as well as by scavenging the active oxygen free radicals produced by ultraviolet radiation, thereby protecting the skin from its harm. After HA reacts with active oxygen free radicals, the active oxygen free radicals are eliminated and HA is degraded. Therefore, HA can also play a role in sun protection in cosmetics. Its sunscreen mechanism is different from the UV absorbers that are often used in sunscreens. Therefore, in some sunscreen cosmetics, HA is often used in combination with some ultraviolet absorbers. The two have a synergistic effect and play a double protective role. In addition, when the skin is slightly burned or scalded, applying a layer of HA-containing aqueous cosmetics on the injured surface can reduce pain and accelerate the regeneration and healing of the injured skin.

4Lubricity and film-forming properties

HA itself is a kind of high-molecular polymer with very strong lubricity and film-forming properties. Cosmetics containing HA are particularly lubricious when applied. After application, a thin film can be formed on the surface of the skin, so that the skin has a very good smoothness and moisturizing feeling, and has a protective and moisturizing effect on the skin. Hair care products containing HA make the hair very easy to be combed after application, and it looks clear and natural.

5 thickening effect

The viscosity of HA aqueous solution is quite high, and 1% HA aqueous solution is in a gel state, so adding it to cosmetics can play a thickening effect and keep it stable.

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