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Can i take ginkgo biloba everyday?
Nov 10, 2021

Can i take ginkgo biloba everyday?

Ginkgo biloba extract is essentially different from health products. First, it has clear indications, dosages and prescribed treatment courses. After treatment, when the condition improves or the treatment fails, the drug needs to be discontinued. Second, its production process follows the "Drug Production Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) has strict requirements in terms of production process, personnel qualifications, plant equipment, storage conditions, quality inspection, etc., and has the approval number of the national medicine standard. The most important thing is that it is before the market It must undergo a rigorous four-phase human clinical trial to verify its safety and effectiveness. After completing the clinical trial, it needs to submit a marketing application to the national drug regulatory authority, and the drug regulatory authority can approve it before it can be marketed.

Ginkgo biloba extract tablets are not the main therapeutic drug, and can only be used as an auxiliary drug in the clinic. Although it has undergone phase four human clinical trials, the efficacy is not accurate, and it lacks the support of large-scale clinical evidence-based research data after the market. The safety research is inadequate. There is a lack of relevant data and reports on drug overdose in elderly patients, as well as research data and literature reports on interactions with other drugs. This has increased the safety risks of long-term drug use to a certain extent. Therefore, even if the ginkgo biloba extract tablets are well tolerated, for the sake of overall safety, long-term use is not currently recommended.

can i take ginkgo biloba everyday

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