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HMB Calcium Efficacy and Daily Dose
Jun 24, 2019

At present, HMB Calcium Powder (beta-hydroxy-beta-Methyl Butyrate Calcium Salt) is widely used in animal nutrition, sports nutrition and other fields. In recent years, HMB Calcium Powder has a high degree of interest in clinical application research. Numerous studies have shown that HMB Calcium Powder prevents muscle loss and increases muscle protein. The role of synthesis. A variety of wasting diseases such as tumors, muscle decay syndrome, trauma, burns, etc. are accompanied by loss of muscle. HMB Calcium Powder has been used in many clinical applications for enteral nutrition support, and its application in special medical formulas will also become a new research hotspot.

According to the Food Safety Law of the People's Republic of China and the Measures for the Administration of New Resources and Foods, China's No. 1 Announcement in 2011 approved HMB Calcium Powder as a new resource food, stipulating that its consumption is ≤3g/d. . Its quality requirements: beta-hydroxy-beta-Methyl Butyrate Calcium Salt content 77%~82%, calcium 12%~16%, moisture 5%-7.5%, its use range is sports nutrition food and special medical use formula, pregnant women Lactating women, infants and children should not be eaten.

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