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Supplement Ingredients

Hmb Calcium Powder

Hmb Calcium Powder

Product Name: HMB Calcium Powder
Ca Assay: 13.6% to 14.8%
HMB Assay: NLT 84.0%
Total Content: NLT 99.0%
Certification: ISO, HACCP, KOSHER
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HMB Calcium Powder Details

Product Name: HMB calcium

Specification: 99%

CAS: 135236-72-5

Certification: ISO, HACCP, KOSHER

Molecular Formula: C10H18CaO6

Molecular Weight: 274.32

Appearance: White powder

Ca Assay: 13.6% to 14.8%
HMB Assay: NLT 84.0%
Total Content: NLT 99.0%

Hmb Calcium Powder Oil Introduction

HMB calcium powder is a naturally producedsubstance in humans that is used as a dietary supplement and as an ingredient in certain medical foods that are intended to promote wound healing and provide nutritional support for people with muscle wasting due to cancer or HIV/AIDS.       

In healthy adults, supplementation with HMB has been shown to increase exercise-induced gains in muscle size, muscle strength, and lean body mass, reduce skeletal muscle damage from exercise, improve aerobic exercise performance, and expedite recovery from exercise.       

Medical reviews and meta-analyses indicate that HMB supplementation also helps to preserve or increase lean body mass and muscle strength in individuals experiencing age-related muscle loss.       

HMB produces these effects in part by stimulating the production of proteins and inhibiting the breakdown of proteins in muscle tissue. No adverse effects from long-term use as a dietary supplement in adults have been found.

Specification of HMB Calcium Powder



Assay by HPLC

99% min.




White powder

Loss on Drying


Ash content


Residual Solvent


Total Heavy Metals










Total Plate Count


Total Yeast & Mold


Main Functions

1. Health care use:

HMB calcium powder can be used to promote muscle growth, enhance immunity, lower cholesterol and low-density lipoprotein (LDL) levels, and reduce coronary heart disease and cardiovascular disease. It also enhances the body's ability to fix nitrogen and maintain protein levels in the body. The US Food and Drug Administration (fda) recognizes the use of a range of medical and special diets.

2. Food industry use:

HMB calcium powder can be added to beverages, milk and dairy products, cocoa products, chocolate and chocolate products, as well as confectionery, baked goods and special dietary foods. The recommended dosage is still less than 3 grams per day.

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