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L-Glutathione Reduced for Liver Protection
Jul 08, 2019

L-Glutathione Reduced for Liver Protection:


For alcohol and certain drugs (chemotherapeutic drugs, antineoplastic drugs, anti-tuberculosis drugs, psychodepressive drugs, antidepressants, fluorouracil) Auxiliary treatment of poisoning caused by heat pain. L-Glutathione Reduced is used as an adjuvant therapy for liver injury caused by alcohol, viruses, drugs and other chemicals. It is used as an adjuvant therapy for therapeutic injury caused by ionizing radiation. It is used as an adjuvant therapy for various hypoxemia. 

Principle of action: 

Mercapto is the active group of reduced glutathione, which is reductive and can protect the protein mercapto from oxygen in vivo.

To maintain the activity of proteins or enzymes; to combine with toxic substances such as free radicals or electrophiles to promote the transformation and excretion of free radicals, and to play an antidotal role by trans-propylamino or trans-methyl reactions; to incorporate free bilirubin into microsomes under the action of glutathione-mercaptoprotransferase to promote its interaction with glucuronal aldehyde The combination of acid and bilirubin can discharge in vitro, stabilize the hepatocyte membrane, enhance the activity of liver enzymes, and promote the synthesis and detoxification of liver. 


This product should not be used with vitamin B12, vitamin K3, methylnaphthoquinone, calcium pantothenate, whey acid, antihistamine preparations, Sulfonamides and tetracyclines etc. are mixed.

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