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Ginger root extract gingerol knowledge and application
Oct 29, 2021

Ginger Root Extract Gingerol

Ginger is the fresh rhizome of Zingiber officinale Roscoe (Zingiber officinale Roscoe), 40~100cm high.

The varieties are: Qingzhou bamboo root ginger Shannong No. 1 ginger Qingzhou small yellow ginger.


The aliases are ginger root, Bailayun, Houzhuangzhi, Indesin, Yanliangzi, fresh ginger, honey ginger. Ginger rhizome (dry ginger), cork (ginger skin), and leaves (ginger leaf) can all be used as medicine.


The average content of gingerol in each quality of dried ginger is 1.95%. The content and type of gingerol vary greatly due to the origin of ginger. The total amount of gingerol per 100 grams of dried ginger is 0.96-2.96 g ; The content of gingerol also varies with the growth period and so on. The total gingerol content of ginger is greater than that of dried ginger.



The spicy components of ginger are gingerol and its decomposition products 6-singerenol and 8-singerenol. Gingerol is the general term for ginger-related spicy substances such as gingerol and ginger brain.

[Product name]: ginger extract gingerol

[English name]: Ginger Extract

[Source of gingerol products]: ginger

[Main ingredients of gingerol]: gingerol

[Gingerol extract specifications]: 5%, 10%


Features: It has the characteristic aroma and spicy taste of ginger.


Application: Used in the fields of food, condiments, daily chemical products, cosmetics, medicine and health products.


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