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Superfoods Powder

Ginger Extract Powder

Ginger Extract Powder

Botanical Source: Zingiber officinale
Active ingredient: Gingerol
Specification: Gingerol 5% 10% 20% 10:1
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Ginger Extract Powder Oil Introduction

Ginger is a spice which is used for cooking and is also consumed whole as a delicacy or medicine. It is the underground stem  of the ginger plant, The most active chemical compounds in ginger are known as the gingerols, which are also the most aromatic compounds in this root. Ginger also contains shogaols, which are formed during the drying process.

The ginger extract is a fresh rhizome extract of ginger ginger, and the main components are gingerene, gingerol, myrrhene, α-curcumene, methylheptenone and the like. The main ingredient of gingerol is ginger oil, which is a yellow oily liquid. It is spicy and bitter. Gingerol can be decomposed into a mixture of gingerone, zingerone and zingiberone. It has the effect of eliminating cold, warming and stopping vomiting, relieving phlegm and relieving cough, and is often used for colds and colds, stomach vomiting, cold and cough.



Specification of Ginger Extract Powder



Plant part used




Gingerol 5% 10% 20%


Yellow brown color powder

Loss on Drying


Ash content


Total Heavy Metals






Total Plate Count


Total Yeast & Mold


Main Functions

1. Ginger has antioxidant function and effectively scavenges free radicals;

2. It can reduce platelet viscosity and accumulation and improve cardiovascular health;

3. It can inhibit prostaglandin synthesis, treat rheumatoid arthritis and bone hyperplasia;

4. It can relieve symptoms of nausea and vomiting after motion sickness, pregnancy and postoperative;

5. It can promote blood circulation, treat gastrointestinal diseases such as indigestion, constipation, diarrhea.


1. Increase appetite. It can stimulate the gastric mucosa, promote digestion in the stomach, improve appetite and increase appetite.

2. Stop vomiting. Rich in zingerone, ginger ene, supplement these two elements, can effectively stop vomiting.

3. Sober up. It is rich in potassium and has a pungent scent. The drunken person can eat ginger and keep his mind clear and keep his mood steady.

4. Drive the body to warm up. There is also one of the most remarkable effects, that is, it can drive off the cold, relieve the symptoms of cold body and achieve the effect of warming up.


Carton: 1kg, 2kg, 5kg /Aluminum Bag inside, or as customer's requirement;

Drum: 10kg,15kg,25kg, Food Grade PE bag inside. 

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