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Dew Grass Extract β-Ecdysone Powder in Cosmetic
May 22, 2021

Cyanotis arachnoidea extract also known as "ecdysterone", is an active substance extracted from the roots of Commelinaceae plant Cyanotis arachnoidea CB Clarke. According to the purity, it is divided into white, off-white, light yellow or light brown crystals. Dew Grass Extract is the plant with the highest β-ecdysone content reported so far.

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In cosmetics, high-purity ecdysterone, also called "beta ecdysterone powder", which has been specially treated, is generally used in cosmetics. It is a pure white crystalline powder with a single ingredient,  2b,3b,14a,20b,22,25-Hexahydroxycholest-7-en-6-one;

no allergic reaction to the skin, and strong permeability. It can be quickly absorbed by the skin in a liquid state; 

An effective substance that can enhance cell metabolism and activation, has a good exfoliating, spot-removing and whitening effect, and is good for facial chloasma, traumatic dark spots, freckles, melanin deposition, etc. The repairing effect of acne also has obvious effect on acne. It is far higher than any product on the existing market in promoting the synthesis of collagen protein.

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