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Biological Activity and Effects of Phloretin
May 08, 2019

1. Antioxidant, anti-free radical effect

The activity of flavonoids against oil peroxides was proven in the 1960s, and since many flavonoid polyhydroxy structures can be significantly antioxidantally conspicuous by chelating with metal ions, they are considered to be active as well as antioxidants. The Phloretin is known for its strong antioxidant properties, the antioxidant concentration of oil between 10-30PPm, can remove free radicals in the skin, and free radicals are produced by oxidation reactions harmful to the body of substances, associated with degenerative diseases, external use can prevent sugar components into epidermal cells, thereby inhibiting the excessive secretion of the skin glands,

Treatment secreted exuberant acne, etc. Studies have shown that Phloretin introspective cells inhibit the activity of melanocytes, and have a desitating effect on various skin color spots. It has a good inhibitory effect on tyrosine enzyme, and is a very safe and effective plaque whitening agent. Phloretin sits very good moisturizing and absorbs 4-5 times its own weight. Phloretin is a very safe and effective transdermal promoter, which can promote the absorption and utilization of other functional factors in the formulation, so that it plays a better role. Phloretin has good LOX inhibition effect, therefore, root skin inonepine is a good anti-hair loss agent.


Anti-inflammatory and immunosuppressive effects 

Studies have shown that the occurrence of inflammation is related to NO, which is catalyzed by NO, and that excessive NO in pathological state is produced by the induced NO enzyme catalysis. Under the action of Phloretin, the amount of NO release of macrophages under the stimulation of lipid polysaccharides and IFN-thym decreased significantly, and the rate of phagocytosis was also significantly reduced under the action of root skinin. 

Therefore, Phloretin has a potential anti-inflammatory effect. In immunosuppression, Phloretin is a known competitive inhibitor of sodium D-glucose co-transportproteins. Because it can increase the fluidity of lipid double-layer in cells, it can play a role in increasing the skin transmembrane delivery of drugs and activities.

3. Anti-tumor, anti-cancer effect 

In addition to some functional characteristics similar to those of alpha beta T cells, the anti-tumor effect of the niobium T cells is widely present edified with the digestive system, respiratory system, etc. in the mucosa and epithelial tissue, and there are also identifying antigens that do not require MHC molecular presentation, direct identification of proteins and peptide antigens, non-peptide antigens, With antigen lift function and can be through cell contact and secretion of cytokines to act as an immune regulation. 

4. Phloretin Apple Peel Extract in addition to anti-diabetic, anti-Parkinson and other effects

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