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Good Soluble Colorant HALAL Certified Goji Powder Nutriant
Apr 27, 2019

China is the first country to use Goji wolfberry, has been two dry for many years of medicinal history, Goji wolfberry powder is an important medicinal plant resources in China. The Goji wolfberry powder is rich in nutrients and pharmacological active ingredients, its fruits, leaves, flowers, skins, roots can be taken into medicine, is a precious Chinese medicine and tonic health food.

The main chemical and active ingredients of Good Soluble Goji wolfberry powder

The reason why the composition has so much physiological and pharmacological lat energy, and HALAL Certified Goji Powder rich biological activity has a rate-cutting relationship modern pharmacological research and analysis found that in the chemical composition of the chemical composition, the active ingredients with pharmacological action include saccharine polysaccharides, beet quilts, molybnos, cyclovitamins and amino acidmovente contain a variety of trace elements of the human body Na, Mg, Ca, Cu, Mm, Fe, K, Zn, etc., Good soluble Colorant Goji Powder content is an important factor in evaluating the quality of HALAL Certified Goji Powder.

Spray Goji Berry Powder and Freeze dried goji powder

Modern medical research has confirmed that Goji Powder Nutriant has enhanced immunity Force, antioxidant, blood lipid reduction, anti-aging, tonic kidneys, liver care, blood pressure, anti-fatigue, anti-tumor and co-cancer prevention and other pharmacological effects, can be used to treat low back pain, low vision, blood loss, tinnitus vertigo antimyopathy and other conditions, can also be used to treat psymonitis, chronic hepatitis, Eye nerve atrophy and other common diseases in modern life, tuberculosis, diabetes and other difficult to recover diseases also have a certain effect. Therefore, as an important food raw material and nutritional supplement, HALAL Certified Goji Powder Nutriant is favored by doctors and food supplement experts at home and abroad.

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