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Aloin Cosmetics Function——Moisturizing & Sunscreen
Jan 27, 2020

Aloe vera is rich in aloin, polysaccharides, organic acids, protein and other active ingredients, with skin care beauty, sun protection, anti-aging, Anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer. Also, Aloe vera can enhance the body's immunity, detoxifying health care and promote wound healing and other functions. It has been widely used in cosmetics, daily chemicals, drugs, health food, textiles and other fields, Aloe vera enjoy the reputation of  "one-way medicine", "natural beautician", "magic plant" and "general doctor" of the united and it is a very open use of the united Value of plant resources.

The most important feeling of skin aging is dryness . The performance is low water content and lack of water retention ability, so that the skin becomes brittle, rough and fish scales. Wetting is an important physiological process involving the migration or regulation of skin moisture.

Aloin function is moisturizing. Its moisturizing and moisture absorption properties are closely related to the content of aloe vera in avariety, polysaccharides organic acid, polysaccharides amino acids, aloe Emodin and other substances constitute a natural moisturizing factor, of which aloe vera contains a number of hydroxyl, with a fixed moisturizing properties.

This study was studied in the previous study of Aloin's sun protection, moisturizing function on the basis of . Further explore the sun protection, moisture absorption and moisturizing properties of aloe vera ingredients . In order to lay a foundation for the application of aloe vera in cosmetics production.

Aloe vera aloin has a strong ultraviolet absorption ability. And in the simulated case of human sweating. There is no red or blue shift in UV absorption. It can be used as an anti-interference UV absorbent. 

Aloe vera extract aloin has good moisturizing and moisture absorption performance . And presents a definite positive dose effect relationship in high humidity environments, when the amount of aloe vera extract aloin powder added reaches 1. 5% of the time . Its moisture absorption effect is better than 0. 2% crustacean, but from the sixth hour. Its moisture absorption begins to decline. In low humid conditions . The moisturizing performance of all samples except polyglycol 20000 decreased from the fourth hour. When the content of aloe vera reaches 2. o%mJ-, its moisturizing ability can be 0. 2% of the crustacean saccharine equivalent. Aloin ingredients absorbs moisture in high-humidity environments better than moisturizing in low-humidenvironment.

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