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Aloe Emodin——Laxative Effect
Jan 23, 2020

Aloe Emodin Powder stimulates intestinal wall peristalsis at the same time, can change the permeation pressure, which is conducive to the discharge of waste in the intestine, in order to achieve the stimulating effect of slow diarrhea. This irritation has a laxative effect on constipation and hemorrhoids Special effects, especially for patients with elderly constipation, are more obvious.

Aloe emodin

Aloe-Emodin can significantly inhibit the activity of jaundice oxidase, because jaundice oxidase can catalyze jaundice to produce uric acid, induce gout, it is speculated that aloe emodin 95 may be used in the treatment of gout.

The protective effect of aloe emodin powder on brain ischemia damage in rats showed that the high dose of aloe vera lutein significantly reduced the brain ischemia and re-infusion of brain tissue damage in rats, which had a protective effect on brain ischemic injury.

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