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What is the Effect of Seaweed Extract Fucoxanthin
May 14, 2020

Fucoxanthin is a natural pigment of lutein in carotenoids.The color is yellowish to brown, which is the pigment of brown algae, diatoms, goldenrods .It is widely found in various algae, Marine phytoplankton, shellfish and other plants and animals.It is widely used in the market of medicine, skin care and health care products.

Its functions are varied, mainly including:

1. Anti-tumor effect

(1) The skin cancer

Fucaxanthin inhibited enhanced activity of mouse epidermal ornithine decarboxylase induced by a strong skin carcinogenic agent, and cocoa inhibited tpa-induced human herpesvirus activation, thereby inhibiting tpa-induced skin tumors.

(2) Colon cancer

Fucaxanthin fucoxanthin benefitsinhibits the production of substances that induce the formation of duodenal carcinoma.Fucus yellow mass could inhibit the growth of colon cancer cell lines.Induce DNA breakage in colon cancer cells and promote apoptosis.

(3) Hematologic system tumor

Fucus xanthophyte can inhibit the proliferation of hl-60 cells significantly.

(4) Prostate cancer

Fucaxanthin can significantly reduce the survival rate of prostate cancer cells and induce apoptosis.Fucaxanthin and its metabolite fucaxanthin alcohol can inhibit the proliferation of pc-3 cells, activate caspase-3 and induce apoptosis.

(5) Liver cancer

Fucus xanthate inhibited the growth of human hepatocellular carcinoma HepG2 cells.


2. Antioxidant effect

Fucaxanthin has a good antioxidant effect, even better than vitamin E and vitamin C.

Fucoxanthine fucoxanthin supplementhas a protective effect on uv-b induced human fibroblast injury.

The antioxidant action of fucaxanthin is mainly through the regulation of Na+ -k + -atpase activity and the regulation of catalase and glutathione activity in tissues and molecules due to retinol deficiency.


3. Anti-inflammatory effect

Fucoflavin inhibited the exudation of endotoxin-induced inflammatory mediators in a dose-dependent manner, and its anti-inflammatory effect was comparable to that of prednisone.


4. To lose weight

On the one hand, fucxanthin activates a protein called UCP1 that promotes fat breakdown.

On the other hand, it can also stimulate the liver to produce DHA, which lowers cholesterol levels.


5. Other

Sea urchin diet seaweed contains fucoxanthin and has a significant effect on macrophage phagocytosis and ovulation.

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