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What is Peperine
Jul 08, 2020

Piperine was first discovered in 1819 by Hans Auster, a Danish scientist.Piperine is an alkaloid, and piperine is the main ingredient of black pepper.It is used in some forms of traditional medicine and insecticides.The hotness of capsaicin and piperine, which our taste senses, is produced by opening ion channels on pain nerves.


The appearance is yellowish white to white fine powder, its basic physical and chemical characteristics: melting point 130°, almost insoluble in water and petroleum ether,1g soluble in 15mL ethanol, 1.7 mL chloroform and 36mL ethyl ether, soluble in benzene and acetic acid.


Piperine of main functions are: first of all, in health care, The black pepper interacts with The surface of The gastrointestinal tract, enhancing The absorption of nutrients, especially selenium, vitamin B, beta carotene, and curcumin.BioPerine is widely known as an antioxidant, and may also enhance the body's natural process of Thermogenesis.


In the field of food: can control weight, improve the body metabolism, improve immunity, promote intestinal absorption.In terms of promoting human absorption, it effectively inhibits the process of glucosaldehyde-acidification in the liver.Because during acidification, urine signals are sent out to prevent the body from accumulating too much of a drug or supplement.In the case of piperine intake, the excretion of the supplement is hindered, which indirectly enhances the body's absorption.In addition, piperine can increase the bioavailability of curcumin by 2000%, which is very significant.

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