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The Chemical Composition of Centella Asiatica Extract
Apr 28, 2020

Total saponins from centella asiatica are the general name of saponins extracted from centella asiatica, mainly composed of triterpene saponin, of which the representative components are mainly including 3 components (Aisaticoside, CAS No. : 16830-15-2) and Madecassoside, CAS No. : 34540-22-2) and  Asaiticoside B, CAS No. : 125265-68-1.



Gotu Kola ExtractAsiaticoside A and Asiaticoside B compared with Asiaticoside have one more hydroxyl, polarity difference is bigger, and more easily achieve separation, but Asiaticoside A and Asiaticoside B difference is only one of the methyl belonging to different, and two different belongs in the ortho position relations, the difference in R (Glu - Glu - Rha sugar key) under the influence is more small, so the Asiaticoside A and Asiaticoside B is very difficult to separate.

 Asiatica saponin

The mixture of Asiaticoside A and Asiaticoside B can promote wound healing, anti-wrinkle, anti-inflammation, anti-depression and intelligence.

By comparing the pharmacological effects of Asiaticoside in promoting wound healing and treating scars, it can be found that the pharmacological effects of total saponins of Asiaticoside in promoting inflammation, depression and intelligence may be the main effects of Asiaticoside A and Asiaticoside B.

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