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Does Asiaticoside cream ointment remove acne pit?
Apr 14, 2020

The main component of Asiaticoside cream is asiaticoside,The triterpenoid ginsenosides are helpful to strengthen the skin, improve the concentration of antioxidants in some wounds and maintain adequate blood supply, so as to promote the recovery of trauma.


Contemporary pharmacology studies have found that the total glycoside of centella asiatica has the functions of anti-infection, promoting wound healing and preventing excessive scar hyperplasia, etc. It is mainly used to treat a variety of skin lesions, including trauma scars, digestive tract ulcers, scleroderma, etc.In addition also has the urogenital system infection to induce tumor cell apoptosis, and so on, obvious effect, no significant side effects, no significant side effects, has been widely applied to treat all kinds of wounds and treating diabetes, varicose veins, vascular embolization, damage, radiation injury, surgery cure ulcers caused, etc.

gotu kola extract

To sum up, Asiaticoside cream is made from the total glycosides of asiaticoside, which is naturally grown and developed, as the key raw material. It can be used for the treatment of acne scars as well as the recovery of trauma. After the cream, the massage effect will be better in 5 minutes.



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