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Test Method of Triacontanol
Aug 28, 2017

Triacontanol is a natural long carbon chain plant growth regulator, it's applicable to a variety of crops, and has been widely used in agriculture, horticulture, and forestry. The normal specification is 90% content, the method of anylysis (MOA) is GC. The detailed anysis condition are as following:

1. Condition of Testing Triacontanol 90%

Column temperature:

To hold for 6 mins at 230℃, then rise to 280℃ with rate of 10℃/min.

Holding for 20 mins at 280℃, then rise to 300℃ at speed of 20℃/min, keeping it for 4 mins.

Gasification chamber temperature:320℃;

Detector temperature:           330℃;

Flow rate of carrier gas: N2 flow rate:45 ml/min;

                                         H2 flow rate:40 ml/min;

                                         Oxidant gas:450 ml/min;

Volume of Injection:    2μL


2. Solution Preparation: of Triacontanol 90%

Accurately weighed triphenyl benzene 0.06g, in 100ml volumetric flask, dissolved with cyclohexane and volume, 

dubbed 600mg / ml of the internal standard solution.