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Agricultural Raw Materials

Triacontanol for Agriculture

Triacontanol for Agriculture

Product Code: NF-0027
Botanical Source: Sugar Cane Wax Extract
Active ingredient: Triacontanol 60%,90%
Specification: Triacontanol: 90%, 95%
Certifications: ISO, HACCP, CQC, KOSHER...
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Triacontanol for Agriculture Oil Introduction

Sugarcane wax extract Polystanol (triacontanol) powder, a natural compound derived from sugar cane wax, has shown positive effects in clinical studies (mainly in Cuba) and is well tolerated. Since it comes from a food source, the sugar cane wax extract polystanol powder is classified as a nutraceutical or a natural product.

Triacontanol is a widely used plant growth promoter for rice, cotton, wheat, soybean, corn, sorghum, tobacco, sugar beets, peanuts, vegetables, flowers, fruit trees, sugar cane, etc., which can increase plant yield by more than 10%. It is also an effective and rapid plant growth promoter that has a significant effect on plant growth at very low concentrations. When used as a foliar nutrient fertilizer for crops, only 1 mg can increase crop yield, with an area of 0.1 hectares, an increase of 10% to 40%; in the leaf stage of tea, a concentration of 0.5 mg/kg of tridecyl alcohol , the output increased by about 20%.



Resolve Resolution

1.The content of triacontanol in Chinese beeswax is as high as 30%, and generally consists of palmitate palmitate, tridecyl wax ester and tripropanol palmitate. These esters are saponified with an alkali to form higher fatty acid sodium and triacontanol. After saponification, it is extracted by adding a solvent (such as benzene, petroleum ether, etc.), and then solvent-removed to obtain a product containing a higher monohydric alcohol such as triacontanol and a hydrocarbon, and then subjected to dehydrogenation phase chromatography to obtain a pure triacontanol. The rate is 10% to 15%. Sometimes, by adding a phase transfer catalyst (quaternary ammonium salt or crown ether) at the time of saponification, the saponification reaction time can be shortened, and the yield of triacontanol is also slightly increased.

2.The beeswax is heated and melted, and mechanical impurities are removed by filtration to obtain a clean yellow transparent beeswax. Then, the clean beeswax and industrial alcohol are heated to boiling, the upper layer of the alcohol solution is poured out, the extraction is repeated twice, the alcohol solutions are combined, cooled, and filtered to give a pale yellow solid which is combined with hot alcohol insolubles. The solid obtained above was heated and saponified with a sodium hydroxide ethanol solution and benzene reflux, and then hot water was added thereto, stirred and washed, and the aqueous layer was separated to remove benzene to obtain a pale yellow viscous crude oil to obtain a product. Finally, it was recrystallized from a mixed solvent to obtain a white crystalline product of triacontanol.

Specification of Triacontanol for Agriculture



Assay by GC

30% 60% 90% Min

Molecular Structure



White crystalline powder

Extract Solvent

Ethanol & water

Loss on Drying


Ash content


Residual Solvent


Total Heavy Metals










Total Plate Count


Main Functions

1. It is used to enhance endurance, vitality and physical strength;

2. It can improve the sensitivity of the reaction;

3. Triacontanol plant growth can increase stress intensity;

4. Tetradecyl alcohol powder can promote the function of sex hormones and relieve muscle pain;

5. It is used to improve myocardial function,

6. Triacontanol powder can lower cholesterol, blood lipids and systolic blood pressure;

7. Sugarcane wax extract Triacontanol powder can improve the body's metabolism.

Function Characteristics

1. Triacontanol can be absorbed by plant stems and leaves, promote plant growth, increase dry matter accumulation, increase cell membrane permeability, increase chlorophyll content, increase photosynthesis intensity, enhance amylase, multioxidase, peroxidase activity .

2. Triacontanol can promote germination, rooting, stem and leaf growth and flowering, make crops premature, improve seed setting rate, enhance cold resistance, drought resistance, increase yield and improve product quality.

3. Triacontanol can be used as foliar spray, generally at a concentration of 0.5 ppm.

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