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How to use prunus africana powder
Dec 06, 2021

How to use Prunus Africana powder to treat prostate problems?

At present, drugs for treating prostate hyperplasia on the market are mainly divided into three categories: the first category, α-adrenergic receptor blockers, these drugs are to relax those tightened muscles, reduce the resistance of the urethra, and make urination easier. It is suitable for patients with mild prostate hyperplasia symptoms, but the commonly used drugs such as silodosin have side effects such as retrograde ejaculation and erectile dysfunction; the second category, 5α-reductase inhibitor, the third category, other plant inhibitors The principle of these two types of drugs is to inactivate 5α-reductase and become a decoration, that is, even if testosterone meets 5α-reductase, it will not turn into dihydrotestosterone. By reducing the dihydrotestosterone that stimulates the overgrowth of the prostate Produced to control prostate hyperplasia, but these drugs are generally expensive, and can also cause breast feminization, male sexual dysfunction and other diseases. Therefore, a new formula using prunus africana powder was studied to solve this problem.

pygeum hair loss

A pharmaceutical composition for treating benign prostatic hyperplasia is composed of the following components in following parts by weight:

100-300 parts of Pygeum bark extract,

180-540 parts of stinging nettle root extract,

65-195 parts of β-sitosterol,

10-20 parts of lycopene,

20-30 parts of zinc citrate,

Selenium 0.05-0.15 parts;

The composition also contains vitamin e, and the content is 50-150 international units (IU) vitamin e per 200 mg of Pygeum bark extract.

How to extract pygeum extract powder?

Pygeum bark, dried and crushed, add 5-7 times the mass of the bark of Pygeum Africana with 35-50% vol ethanol solution, soak at 35-40°C for 0.3-0.5h, and perform auxiliary ultrasonic extraction at a constant temperature of 45-60°C 0.5-1h, the ultrasonic frequency is 26khz, and then reflux extraction for 1.5-2h, the filtrate is filtered and dried to obtain the Pygeum bark extract.

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