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Function of Aloin
Dec 05, 2017

1.Digestive and laxative

Aloin is hydrolyzed into aloe-emodin under the action of parasites in the human body. The aloe-emodin stimulates peristalsis of the intestinal wall and has no effect on the small intestine. At the same time, due to the change of the osmotic pressure, aloin uses is conducive to the exclusion of intestinal tract and thus stimulates laxative, This stimulating have a special effect on constipation and hemorrhoids, especially for senile constipation, the treatment effect is obvious. It has appetite, stomach and laxative function.


2. Detoxification

Aloin on skin can help to expel the body dirt, purify the blood, soften blood vessels, lower blood pressure and blood viscosity, aloin a and b can promote blood circulation and prevent atherosclerosis and cerebral hemorrhage.


3. Anti-tumor

 Aloin benefits of Hydroxyanthraquinone derivatives and anthraquin derivatives were extracted from Aloe vera, and has been proved that they have a powerful killing effect on different tumor cells in vitro experiments. It also has significant killing activity on L929 and Y99 tumor cell lines. The experimental results show that anthraquinones from aloe vera have significant killing activity on the tumor cells. So it provides a reliable theory for aloe vera clinical treatment of various cancers.


4.Bactericidal, anti-inflammatory, detoxification, promote wound healing and other effects.

Aloin barbaloin sterilization, anti-inflammatory function can effectively eliminate acne, used in clinically for the treatment of a variety of inflammation, the effect is significant. It can also kill fungi, mold, bacteria, viruses and other bacteria. So it has  inhibition and elimination effect on pathogen development and reproduction.


5. Anti-allergy

Aloin can inhibit the free histamine, have a good effect on the treatment of asthma, allergic rhinitis, pollen allergy.


6. Anti-UV

Aloin absorb 320-380nm ultraviolet strongly.and has moisturizing effect. It can form an absorbent coating on the outside of the skin with silicone oil together. So it has a good sun protection effect.


7.Moisture absorption

Hygroscopicity can be maintained for 6 h in a humid environment. Insulation performance lasts 4 h in low humidity environments.

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