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Antioxidant activity and Anti-inflammatory effect of Phycocyanin Powder
Sep 23, 2019

First, Phycocyanin Powder can inhibit Rumino under alkaline conditions. The oxidation luminescence reaction, which acts on phagocytosis, causes free radicals (. OH, H2O2, RO. and excess peroxide reduction, thus achieving inhibition.

Blue majik algae powder solubility

There is evidence that reactive oxygen, such as hyperoxygen anions, hydrogen peroxide and hydroxyl free radicals, can cascade peanut tetraoleic acid, causing hypertrophic cells to departicles and releasing histamines, 5-hydroxyhypoamine, tumor necrosis factors and other inflammatory media. Blue Spirulina Extract, on the other hand, is just able to remove peroxides, hydroxyl and alkyl free radicals. Spillert et al. in order to understand the Blue Spirulina Extract on H2O2 and OH's potential removal capability studied its inhibition of an in vitro inflammatory response model induced by hydrogen peroxide. The results showed that Blue spirulina extract softened the edema caused by glucose oxidase on the paws of mice. Therefore, Phycocyanin to the Oh's removal effect gives it an anti-inflammatory effect. In the same dose range, blue spirulina powder in the hornfork gum induced rat rear claw edema and the rat's cotton small ball granuloma experiment satbothifa. phycocyanin can significantly reduce the ear edema of the mice mediated by peanut tetraoleic acid and the porcine-induced bloating of rats, attributed to the removal of reactive oxygen and inhibition of peanut tetraoleic acid metabolism.

Gonzalez and Fretland, among others, performed spirulina extract on acetic acid-induced ulcerative colitis, and by analyzing colon tissue and determining myelin activity, the results showed that in the colon mucous membranes of damaged animals that gave phycocyanin, neutrophill leaching was significantly reduced. Significantly reducing the activity of myelin peroxidase, which produces free radicals and multiple reactive substances to induce disease, confirmed that blue spirulina powder can effectively reduce the incidence of colitis in rats caused by acetic acid, and that the anti-inflammatory mechanism is related to its antioxidant activity.

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