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Agricultural And Pharmacological Effects Of Emodin Methyl Ether
Sep 08, 2021

The main characteristics of rhubarb are: special gas, bitter and slightly astringent taste, sticky teeth when chewing, and a feeling of grit. Cold, non-toxic. Like cold weather, cold-resistant, avoid high temperature. The traditional Chinese medicine rhubarb has the effects of attacking stagnation, clearing dampness and heat, purging fire, cooling blood, removing blood stasis, and detoxification.

Application of emodin methyl ether in agriculture

1. Emodin methyl ether is a highly active plant-derived fungicide, which has a good control effect on powdery mildew, downy mildew, gray mold and anthracnose.

2. It has low toxicity to humans and animals, and is environmentally friendly, especially suitable for green and organic vegetable production.

3. Emodin methyl ether is a protective fungicide, which induces crops to produce a defense response, inhibits the germination of pathogenic bacteria spores, the growth of hyphae, and the formation of suckers, so that crops are protected from pathogenic bacteria and achieve the effect of disease prevention.

Pharmacological effects of emodin methyl ether

1. Emodin methyl ether plays an important role in the protection of nerve cells after traumatic brain injury. It has a multi-target therapeutic effect. It can protect nerve cell damage caused by various traumas from multiple factors, multiple links, and multiple ways.

1.1. Protective effect on acute liver injury

1.2 Antidepressant effect

1.3 Protective effect on brain injury

2. The components in rhubarb such as emodin and anthraquinones can inhibit the proliferation of malignant tumor cells, promote their apoptosis, and have certain anti-tumor effects.

2.1 Emodin methyl ether can reduce the survival rate of pancreatic cancer cells and promote their apoptosis.

2.2 Emodin methyl ether kills breast cancer cells by regulating protein expression

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