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Standardized Extract

NATURAL is one of the most professional standardized extract manufacturers and suppliers. Our factory offers the best quality standardized extract with competitive price. Welcome to buy or wholesale bulk products for sale here.
Standard extract, refers to process and extract the traditional Chinese Herbal medicine by modern science and tehcnology, to get the extracts with exact purity of the relative ingredients. Natural Field Mainly provide: Pygeum Extract, salidroside&rosavins, Aloe vera extract Aloin etc.
Standard extracts are herbal, plant, animal, etc. It is a concept derived from modern plant medicine and a management standard to ensure the quality of plant medicine and extract production.
It is a collection of a variety of pharmacological active substances in a specific proportion. It inherits the characteristics of multiple components of traditional medicine and embodies the specific efficacy of traditional medicine of original Chinese medicinal materials. Whether as a single drug or as a compound, it can completely replace the use of original crude drugs and has incomparable advantages in quality control.
It is mainly used as raw materials or accessories for medicine, health food, tobacco and cosmetics. The species of raw material plants used for extraction is also very large. At present, more than 300 species of plants have entered the industrial extraction.
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We're well-known as one of the leading standardized extract manufacturers and suppliers for our quality products and good service. Please feel free to buy or wholesale bulk standardized extract for sale at the best price from our factory.