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Pure Sodium Hyaluronate

Pure Sodium Hyaluronate

Product name: Sodium Hyaluronate
Chemical formula: (C14H20NO11Na)n
CAS Number: 9067-32-7
EINECS number: 232-678-0
Boiling point: 791.6 ℃
Application: cosmetics industry, food industry, beauty industry, medical industry
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What is pure sodium hyaluronate?

Hyaluronic acid (HA) is composed of D-glucuronic acid and N-acetylglucosamine as disaccharide units through β-(1->4) glycosidic bond and β-(1→3) sugar camp Links are repeatedly connected to form a linear high-molecular glycosaminoglycan. It is commonly found in the intercellular substance of tissues and the capsule of certain bacteria. The molar ratio of the two monosaccharides in the molecule is 1:1. Under physiological conditions or appropriate pH conditions, the carboxyl group of uronic acid in the HA molecule dissociates and combines with cations such as Na﹢, k﹢, etc. to form salts. Therefore, industrially produced HA often exists in the form of its sodium salt. Namely sodium hyaluronate (SH).


How to make sodium hyaluronate?

The production methods of sodium hyaluronate mainly include microbial fermentation and cockscomb extraction. However, the cost of cockscomb extraction method is high, and the large-scale production is low due to the limitation of raw materials, which limits its application. Compared with the cockscomb extraction method, the microbial fermentation method has low cost, the output is not limited by raw materials, and it is easy to separate, purify and form large-scale industrial production. However, the chemical nature and molecular structure of sodium hyaluronate from different sources are consistent.

What is the application of pure sodium hyaluronate in cosmetics?

1. The application of moisturizing effect in cosmetics

The most important role in cosmetics is its moisturizing effect. Applying its water solution to the surface of the skin can form a moisturizing and breathable film to make the skin smooth and shiny.

2. Application of nutrition in cosmetics

It is originally a biologically active substance inherent in the skin, and exogenous sodium hyaluronate can effectively supplement the endogenous hyaluronic acid in the skin.

3. Skin damage repair and sun protection

4. Lubricity and film-forming properties

It is a kind of high-molecular polymer, which has very strong lubricity and film-forming properties.

5. Enhancement effect

The viscosity of the aqueous solution of sodium hyaluronate is quite high. A 1% aqueous solution is in a gel state, so adding it to cosmetics can increase the thickness and keep it stable.

Where to buy pure sodium hyaluronate?

We are a professional manufacturer and supplier of hyaluronic acid series products. There are different molecular weights of the products. You only need to tell us your purpose through this page, and we will have professional sales and technology to recommend the most suitable for you Specifications. What are you still worried about? Just send the inquiry form!

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