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CoQ10 Powder Bulk

CoQ10 Powder Bulk

Product name: CoQ10 Powder Bulk
Alias: Ubiquinone 10
Chemical formula: C59H90O4
Molecular weight: 863.36
CAS Registry Number: 303-98-0
EINECS accession number: 206-147-9
Melting point: 50 ℃
Boiling point: 115 ℃
Water solubility: insoluble in water
Appearance: yellow or light yellow
MOQ: 1 kg
Main functions: anti-aging; improving immunity; anti-oxidation, etc.
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What is CoQ10 powder bulk?

Coenzyme Q10 (Coenzyme Q10, CoQ10) is the only Coenzyme Q substance in the human body, also known as ubiquinone. It is a fat-soluble quinone compound. It was first discovered in 1948. It is also called vitamin Q or vitamin coenzyme Q10 because of its important functions in physiology. With the continuous deepening of clinical medicine and epidemiological research, Coenzyme Q10 has been proven to have anti-oxidation and scavenging free radicals, anti-tumor and improve human immunity, relieve fatigue and improve exercise capacity, prevent aging and anti-aging, and protect cardiovascular systems. Kind of health benefits. In addition to medicinal use, coenzyme Q10 can be used as an additive in some high-end cosmetics and food additives, so coenzyme Q10 is an important raw material for food, medicine, cosmetics and other industries.

coenzyme q10 powderCoenzyme Q10

Product NameCoQ10 Powder BulkAliasUbiquinone 10
Chemical FormulaC59H90O4Molecular weight863.36
CAS Number303-98-0EINECS number206-147-9
Melting Point50 ℃Boiling Point115 ℃
Water SolubleInsoluble in WaterColourYellow or Light Yellow

Are coq10 supplements safe?

At present, coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10 Powder Bulk) is added as a main ingredient in health foods, and it is mostly used in conjunction with vitamin E. It is mainly used to improve human fatigue, produce a certain antioxidant effect in the human body, and strengthen human immunity. Therefore, the safety of coenzyme Q10 is determined Sex is very important. Relevant scientific research institutions conducted toxicological and safety tests on health foods with coenzyme Q10 as the main ingredient, and obtained the conclusion that coenzyme Q10 as an effective ingredient of anti-fatigue health food has good safety and no gene mutation.

What is CoQ10 best used for?

1. Help protect the heart;

2. Protect the skin;

3. Anti-fatigue;

4. Anti-cancer and anti-cancer.

ubiquinone powder

HPLC of CoQ10 Powder Bulk

HPLC of Q10

Where to buy coenzyme q10 powder?

You only need to send us the inquiry form through this page, and we will have professional technical and sales staff to provide you with the best service! Or you can contact us directly via [email protected]!

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