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Alpha Arbutin Powder For Skin Whitening

Product name: Alpha arbutin
Specification: 99%
Appearance: White crystalline powder
Certifications: ISO, KOSHER, HACCP, CQC
Delivery: Shipped in Same day from stocks
Supporting testing by third labs
MOQ:1kg Packing:
Drum: 20,25kg
Pallet:12drums/pallet,or 30cartons/pallet
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Detail information

Product name: Alpha Arbutin Molecular strcture: beta arbutinbeta arbutin

Specification: White crystalline powder (99%)


Molecular Formula: C12H16O7

Molecular Weight: 272.25


Alpha Arbutin Powder For Skin Whitening, is a monoglucose of hydroquinone found in the leaves of Rosaceae and in the leaves of azaleas. The natural extraction method has a low extraction yield due to the low content of arbutin in the plant material, and the preparation method is complicated. Therefore, Natural Field uses fermentation to synthesize Alpha-arbutin and uses organic synthesis to synthesize Beta-arbutin.

Alpha Arbutin can inhibit the activity of tyrosinase and is an effective component of biological activity in plants. Therefore, it has become one of the main raw materials in major cosmetics at home and abroad.

alpha arbutin


Specification of alpha arbutin

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Cosmetic raw materials. The preparation method of Alpha Arbutin Powder For Skin Whitening is obtained by sugar conversion by microbial enzyme, and its stability, effectiveness and safety are better than beta-arbutin, and the skin care effect is ten times that of beta-arbutin. It has been widely used by many cosmetics brands in the world.

Alpha Arbutin Powder For Skin Whitening main Function is Whitening,anti-inflammatory and anti-irritant for skin.



Formula of alaph arbutin



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