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Breakthrough Technology Of Water Soluble Dihydromyricetin
Aug 06, 2019

Water Soluble Dihydromyricetin 40% Botanical source: exsits in vitis, myricaceae, rhododendraceae, euphorbiaceae, garcinaceae and liuaceae ,especially in the grape vine tea [Ampelopsis grossedentata].

Water Soluble Dihydromyricetin

Appearance: yellow brown fine powder

Molecular weightz: 320.25 

Molecular formular: C15H12O8 

Cas No. 2017-08-09

Background and Problem:

As we know dihydromyricetin has the effect of antialcoholism, anti-tumor and anti-oxidation. It belongs to flavones, which have the structure of 2-phenyl chromonone. According to the characteristics of flavones, the water solubility is not good, which greatly affects the bioavailability of products.The water-solublity problem hinders the application of the products in the market of hangover drinks and health care oral liquid.



The professionals in Xi'an Natural Field Bio-Technique Co.,Ltd., tried with continuous efforts on study and experiment, found in the process of dihydromyricetin production, there exists water soluble dihydromyricetin.  On the basis of the existing technical background, the technical personnels quickly isolate the water-soluble dihydromyricetin, which has excellent solubility. The purity tested out is above 40% and of yellow brown fine powder. At the same time, water soluble dihydromyricetin maintains the original dihydromyricetin taste. The launch of this product, attracted the customers from functional beverage, health food enterprises great interest.

The picture of water solubility of dihydromyricetin 40%

Their solubility are 0.05g/50ml, 0.1g/50ml , 0.25g/50ml, 1.25g/50ml, 2.5g/50ml from left to right hand. 

40% Dihydromyricetin Powder40% Dihydromyricetin Water Solubility


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