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Acquired The Patent Of Cucurbitacine B
Apr 14, 2017

Warmly congratulation for the approval of our patent( A way of  separating the cucurbitacine from melon vines through catalysis reaction) related to cucurbitacine and successful awarding of the certificate.

The product: cucurbitacine B is a kind of Tetracyclic triterpene compounds separated from cucurbitaceae plants, and it has extensively pharmacological activity. According to the modern research,the cucurbitacine B possessed several biological activities which play an core role in protecting the liver, antiphlogosis, as well as antineoplastic.

In the 70 to 80 years of 20 century, many scholars from both inland and overseas has conprehensively studied the antineoplastic function of cucurbitacine B and find it has a powerful effect on preventing transcription factors activate of STAT3. They  considered that the antineoplastic activity is related to the preventing of transcription factors activate of STAT3.

patent of cucurbitacine B.png

Our company client LG Group use this product as skin whitening cosmetics creatively, and achieved a promoted result. Test showed, the efficacy of skin whitening to cucurbitacin B is stronger than normal skin whitening cosmetics in the market over 600 times.

The passed patent marked that our company have acquired the qualification of industrialization production as the first enterprise in the international market. At present, The cucurbitacin B extraction process is the world top level.

Natural Field Team, which is a creative, advanced group and own a lot of top level professional technicians. We believed that the creativity is the base for the enterprise development and the focus of improving the enterprise’s core competition. In conformity with the attitude of “Precise, Fast, Factualistic,

Creative”, we are positively communicating and cooperating with foreign clients, in order to achieve the goal of “Keep Pace with The Market”. According to persevere in our efforts, We have finished and provided hundreds of professional solutions to foreign customers over 30 countries.

Pursuit the excellence, Win the future. Natural Field always on the way……

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