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What You Should Know About Sophora Japonica Flower Extract Sophorin?
Mar 23, 2021

What is Sophora Japonica Extract Rutin?

Rutin, which is also known as vitamin P and rutoside, is one of the main components of vitamin P. Rutin widely found in nature, almost all the plants of Rutaceae heather and contain it, especially Rutaceae Yun herbs, Sophora japonica legumes (Sophora japonica) as a starting material can be extracted rutin. Strictly speaking, it is not a real vitamin, but it is generally classified as a vitamin. Vitamin P belongs to the water-soluble vitamins, the body can not synthesize their own, must be from food intake. It is an indispensable substance in the digestion and absorption of vitamin C. It reduces vascular fragility, reducing vascular permeability, enhances the activity of vitamin C to prevent overflow of the brain, retinal bleeding, purpura and other diseases.

Vitamin P Efficacy

■ Prevent vitamin C from being oxidized and damaged, and increase the effect of vitamin C;

 Strengthen the capillary wall to prevent bruising;rutin blood vessel

 Anti Cancer;

 Increase resistance to infection;

 Contribute to the prevention and treatment of bleeding gums;

 Helps in the treatment of edema or dizziness caused by inner ear diseases. 

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