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Cosmetics Application of Paeoniflorin
Mar 16, 2020

Whitening and Anti-Freckle 

Paeoniflorin in the female beauty has a certain effect, and Paeoniflorin function is the traditional moisturizing skin, whitening, anti-freckle. Especially the Cynanchum otophyllum extract has the effect of living blood, the treatment of women's facial yellowing, facial glossless, melanin sediment and other symptoms.

Also, It is a good medicine for female whitening. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that human skin is pleasant or not and the function of the dirty mole is closely related, if the lesions of the organs, gas and blood is not peaceful then the skin is rough, facial spots. Therefore, the coordination of gas, conditioning five dirty functions to start, so as to whiten the plaque.

Sterilization & Anti-inflammatory (Preservatives)

There was inhibition effect on staphylococcus, copper-green pseudo-monospore, dysentery bacteria, typhoid bacteria, Vibrio cholerae, etc. The effect of influenza virus, herpes virus and Staphylococcus aureus is also inhibited.

Antioxidants (Antioxidants & Anti-Aging)

Inhibition of elastase, elimination of free radicals, inhibition of nitrogen oxide production and promotion of the activity of histases all show that the anti-decay function of the drug extract is active skin resistance and can be used in anti-aging cosmetics.

Moisturizer (Moisturizer)


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