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β-carotene——Colorant Traces of The food Industry
May 27, 2017

In plant extracts, each ingredient has a variety of effects, β-carotene is no exception.β-carotene is an antioxidant, with detoxification, is to maintain human health indispensable nutrients. It has a significant functionIn in the prevention of cardiovascular disease, and it  has a wide range of applications in health care products.

In addition, you can also find traces of its β-carotene in the food industry.

As we all know, β-carotene is one of carotenoids, but also orange fat-soluble compounds, exist in many natural foods. For example: green vegetables, sweet potatoes, carrots, spinach, papaya, mango and so on. Moreover, β-carotene is the most common in nature and the most stable natural pigment. As a kind of edible oil-soluble pigment,it will show a variety of different colors after mixing with other pigments because of its own color due to the difference in concentration. The color can be transferred into a bright yellow to orange color which is very eye-catching. So it received very warm welcome by the food industry .

beta carotene.jpg

β-carotene (C40H56), very high color, with a strong color strength, very low doses of β-carotene (2 ~ 10mg / kg) can make food with attractive color.

β-carotene is very suitable for the development of oily products and protein products, such as: margarine, capsules, fish refining products, vegetarian products, instant noodles and other color. And microcapsule-treated beta-carotene can be converted into water-soluble pigments, almost all of the food can be applied. β-carotene is the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (referred to as the FAO) and the World Health Organization (referred to as WHO) Food Additives Joint Expert Committee identified a class of nutritious food additives. The world has 52 countries, approved the use of the region, the international demand for more than 1,000 tons last year, the annual growth rate of 10% -15%, can be used as margarine, salad oil, sesame oil and other lipid supplements to Help the body to absorb β-carotene.

Presumably we have more understanding of β-carotene, right?

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