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Aloin——Make Your Skin Be Soft Like A Baby
Apr 11, 2017

With increasingly diversification of the modern life, people skin is being hurt by many external factors. And, Many questions occured. Such as skin dehydration, loss water. etc. These problems are affecting many people whose like beauty.

But the above questions will be completely figured out by Aloin. Aloin is sourced from natural plant aloe vera leaves, and produced by extraction, separation, and purification. As anthraquinone compound, The Aloin have strong functions on anti-inflammation, anti-radiation, especially on skin moisturizing and anti-aging. Research show that the aloin’s efficacy will be stronger with the content growth. Under the background of high temperature, the moisture absorption performance of Aloin can remain 6 hours. At the same time, the moisture absorption performance of Aloin can keep 4 hours in the environment of low temperature. In brief, the Aloin is the best product on anti-radiation and safeguarding other factors.


At present, Company project team have extracted the Aloin after tested the production process and property successfully. And the good news is that we have achieved the commercial process. Therefore, Our company can supply different specifications from 10% content to 95% for our clients. We believe that the problems of skin dry and skin sensitivity will be resolved by Aloin effectively. This product is non-hazardous, non-stimulation and good moisture retention to the skin.

Suggestion volume: 0.05mg/mL. Xi'an Natural Field Bio-Technique Co.,Ltd is the professional manufacture of aloin. the main specification have A10%, A20%, A30%, A40%, A50%, A60%, A 80%, A90%. If you need this excellent aloin, please feel free to contact us or email to [email protected].

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