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Aloe Emodin——Mild Weight Loss Product
Apr 20, 2017

As we all know, aloe is a kind of mild and effective product for weight loss. And aloe emodin's main function is losing weight through detox, and relaxing bowels. However, we are hardly know that the aloe emodin is the core reason for weight loss.

Aloe Emodin.jpg

According to relative reports, the ramification of anthraguinone compound contained in aloe can release aloe emodin in our tharm tube, which can effectively stimulate peristanlsis of the tharm, change osmotic pressure there by helping excretion, improving the functions of intestines and stomach, thusly achieving detox, internal heat reduction, and maintain beauty. It is especially medicable for old patients of constipation and haemorrhoids. Therefore, aloe has been highly praised as a unique laxative from ancient times.

It was widely applied in the modern market and the most popular ones are:

Aloe capsule, Aole cleanse capsule, Aloe soft capsule(1000mg/pallet, contains 10mg aloe emodin), Aloe panax quinquefolis capsule. If you need these kinds of the products, please contact us or email us [email protected].

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