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Laetrile Powder

Product Code: NF-001
Botanical Source: Kernel of Prunus armeniaca. L.
Active ingredient: Amygdalin / Vitamin B17
10%, 20%, 50%, 98% (oral grade),
99%( Pharma grade)
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The Laetrile Powder produced by our company is made of apricot as raw material by high level technology. It has the advantages of powder shape, good liquidity,easy to dissolve and easy to preserve. Apricot kernels extract are very nutritious, and among the nutrients they contain is a special one called amygdalin, which is also known as B17. Our premium-quality, extremely bitter raw apricot kernels can ensure optimal nutritional benefits., which are low-temperature air-dried and not steamed or cooked.

Product Display

b17 laetrile

Amygdalin powder.jpg

Water Solubility Condition

Amygdalin-Water Solubility.jpg

Amygdalin-Water Solubility Condition.jpg

Product Details

Active Ingredient: Vitamin B17

Botanical Source: Kernel of Prunus armeniaca. L.

Main Specification:

10%, 20%, 50%, 98% (Oral Grade),

99% (Pharma Grade )

Molecular Structure:

b17 laetrile instructure.png


(1) The Apricot Seed Extract 98 may promote cerebral blood circulation, improve brain cell metabolism.

(2)To prevent thrombosis and anti-platelet aggregation.

(3) Improve the ability of erythrocyte deformation, reduce blood viscosity.

(4) Coronary artery dilation.

(5) Scavenging oxygen free radicals and inhibiting cell lipid peroxidation. Reduce lipid peroxide production, improve red blood cell SOD activity.



1. Medical raw materials:

Apricot Seed Extract 99% can be used as medical raw materials to prepare tablets and capsules, which have the effects of anti-cancer, anti-tumor, relaxing intestinal tract, relieving cough and asthma.

Amygdalin 98 pharma grade

2. In cosmetics:

Amygdalin can eliminate pigmentation, freckles, dark spots, thereby achieving cosmetic results.

Amygdalin 98 cosmetic grade

3. Amygdalin can be used for healthy nutrition, baby food, solid drink, dairy, convenience food, puffed food, condiment, aged food, baked goods, snack food, cold food and cold drink etc.

Suggested dosage is as following:

* For anti-cancer, 1g / day Max;

* For health care, 300mg-500mg/g Max;

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