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E3live Blue Majik Spirulina

Product Code: NF-020
Botanical Source: green algae / Spirulina
Appearance: Blue viscous liquid
Active ingredient: Phycocyanin
Specification: E3
CAS number 11016-15-2
Carrier: Sodium Citrate+Trehalose
Features: Rapid dissolution, Avoid dust flying, More convenient to use
Certifications: ISO, KOSHER, HACCP, CQC, Organic
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What is E3live Blue Majik Spirulina?

Blue Majik is a proprietary extract of spirulina, a freshwater algae. Blue Majik is sold as a supplement in liquid or powder form that you can mix into your drinks and smoothies.

E3live Blue Majik Spirulina

Product name: Spirulina Liquid Extract (Phycocyanin Liquid)

Synonym:Spirulinaconcentrate Liquid,Liquid spirulina blue, Liquid algae blue

Item NO.:PhycocyaninE3

Color value: 27~ 33

Source: Spirulina

Solvent used : Water (100%)

Ingredients : Spirulina concentrate, Invert sugar, Water, Trehalose, Trisodium citrate

EINECS: 234-248-8

CAS NO.: 11016-15-2

Application: Widely used in food, beverages, candies and cosmetics.

Country of origin : China

Shelf life: 2 years when stored in 0℃~10℃ place.

The Features compared with powder form Phycocyanin:

Characterized by rapid dissolution, avoid dust flying, more convenient to use.

 Heavy metals: Lead <1ppm, Arsenic <1ppm, Cadmium <0.2ppm, Mercury <0.1ppm.

 Microbiology: Total plate count: < 1000cfu/g Yeasts and molds: <100cfu/g E.coli: Negative/g Salmonella: Negative/25g Coliforms: <3cfu/g Pathogenic Bacteria: Negative/g

 Packaging : Packaging Material: PP Drum Dimensions: Dia.: 33 cm , H: 38.5 cm Net weight: 25 KGS Gross weight: 26.5 KGS

Where does e3 live come from?

E3Live is 100% Aphanizomenon flos-aquae (AFA). It's a nutrient-dense aqua botanical that's certified organic and wild harvested. E3Live is fresh-frozen AFA (blue green algae) that is live, liquid, and closest to its natural state.

COA of E3live Blue Majik Spirulina

What is Blue Majik good for?

E3live Blue Majik Spirulina has risen amongst purveyors of health drinks and foods because of its richness in amino acids and antioxidants. It boasts a powerful deck of nutrients: protein, enzymes, minerals, and vitamins A, K, B12, iron and manganese.


What are the benefits of e3 Live Blue Majik Spirulina?

* High Concentration of Protein, Vitamins & Trace Minerals, Antioxidants.

  • * Boosts and Regulates your Immune System.

  • * Fights Inflammation.

  • * Delivers Steady Energy & Improves Recovery Time.

  • * Aids in Depression.

  • * Assists with Weight Loss.

E3live Blue Majik Spirulina Directions:

Add Amount: 0.8g/kg; or 3g twice in a day; or use according to customer's demand.


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