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Mixed Vitamin E Tocopherol Oil

Mixed Vitamin E Tocopherol Oil

Product Name: Mix Tocopherol Oil
Specificaiton: 50%,70%,90%,95%, 1000~1430IU/g
Appearance: Brown Dark Oily Liquid
Application: Antioxidant, Food Supplement, Feed
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Mixed Vitamin E Tocopherol Oil Introduction

Mixed vitamin e tocopherol oil is A clear brownish-red viscous oil with mild taste and odor.  tocopherol oil contains nature mixed tocopherols which are obtained from edible vegetable oils by suitable physical means.  mixed tocopherol oil is intended for use as an antioxidant in the dietary supplement and food industry.


Main Functions

Vitamin E is a fat-soluble vitamin that has antioxidant properties and is essential for normal growth and reproduction of animals. Vitamin E has a wide range of functions in the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, tumors, diabetes and other complications, central nervous system diseases, sports system diseases, skin diseases and the like. The role and function of vitamin E are as follows:

1. Anti-aging: vitamin e anti-aging principle and anti-free radicals are inseparable. Vitamin E is highly resistant to free radical lipid peroxidation and efficiency.

2. Enhance immunity: vitamin E deficiency, have an impact on the immune function of humans and animals. It not only reduces humoral immunity, but also has a great impact on cellular immunity.

3. The elimination of pigmentation: As soon as the color spots, everyone will immediately think of the face of the chloasma, age spots. They are all caused by the deposition of lipofuscin in skin cells. Lipofuscin is an inert waste produced by the oxidation of cells by free radicals. This substance can not only appear in the form of various spots on the face, but also in the heart, liver and brain cells. The greatest function of vitamin E is to neutralize free radicals, thus facilitating the elimination of these spots. In addition, vitamin E also has the effect of expanding peripheral blood vessels and reducing blood viscosity.

4. Anti-tumor: The study found that the incidence of cancer seems to be inversely related to serum vitamin E levels: people with low vitamin e levels, the incidence of cancer is higher.


Antioxidant; therapeutic drug. Alpha-tocopherol is primarily recognized as a source of vitamin E, and this is reflected in commercially available materials and standards.

Alpha-tocopherol also exhibits antioxidant properties, but beta, delta, and gamma-tocopherol are generally considered to be more effective as antioxidants.

Alpha-tocopherol is a highly lipophilic compound and is a good solvent for many poorly soluble drugs.

Because of its broad regulatory approval, it is of importance in the formulation of oily or fatty matrices, typically in the range of 0.001 to 0.05% v/v.

Its effect has an optimal concentration, and low concentrations of alpha-tocopherol can reduce the auto-oxidation of linoleic acid and methyl linoleate, while higher concentrations accelerate this effect.

The addition of oil-soluble synergists enhances antioxidant effects such as lecithin and ascorbyl palmitate

1.  Pharmaceutical and Health care products

In the pharmaceutical industry can be used as raw materials for the production of medicine for the prevention and treatment of atherosclerosis, cardiovascular disease, cancer, arthritis, delaying brain function delaying other diseases.

2. Cosmetic

In the cosmetics industry can delay skin aging and enhance skin elasticity, restore youthful vitality.

3. Food additives and nutrients

In the food industry is mainly used in oil food antioxidant and nutrition enhancer and as a feed additive, can improve animal reproductive function, increase fertility.

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