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Vitamin E Tocopherol is a fat-soluble Vitamin whose hydrolysate is tocopherol, which is one of the most important antioxidants. It is more soluble in organic solvents such as fat and ethanol, insoluble in water, stable to heat and acid, unstable to alkali, sensitive to oxygen and insensitive to heat.
Mixed vitamin e tocopherol oil is A clear brownish-red viscous oil with mild taste and odor. Tocopherol oil contains nature mixed tocopherols which are obtained from edible vegetable oils by suitable physical means. Mixed tocopherol oil is intended for use as an antioxidant in the dietary supplement and food industry.
Tocopherol can promote sex hormone secretion and increase sperm motility and quantity in men; Make female estrogen concentration increase, improve fertility, prevent miscarriage; It also can be used in the prevention and treatment of male infertility, burns, frostbite, capillary bleeding, menopause syndrome, beauty and other aspects.
Antioxidant; therapeutic drug. Alpha-tocopherol is primarily recognized as a source of vitamin E, and this is reflected in commercially available materials and standards.
Alpha-tocopherol also exhibits antioxidant properties, but beta, delta, and gamma-tocopherol are generally considered to be more effective as antioxidants.
Alpha-tocopherol is a highly lipophilic compound and is a good solvent for many poorly soluble drugs.
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