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Standardized Extract

Tribulus Terrestris Extract

Tribulus Terrestris Extract

Active Ingredient: Protodioscin,Saponins
Botanical Source: Seed of Tribulus Terrestris Extract
Specification: 20%,40%,60%,80%,90%,98% by UV
CAS : 55056-80-9
Certifications: ISO, HACCP, CQC, KOSHER...
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Tribulus Terrestris Extract Details

Product name: Tribulus Terrestris Extract

Other Name: Tribulus terrestris saponins, Tribulus terrestris 90 saponins

Active Ingredient: Protodioscin,Saponins

Botanical Source: Seed of Tribulus Terrestris Extract

Specification: 20%,40%,60%,80%,90%,98% by UV

CAS : 55056-80-9

Molecular formal: C51H84O22

Molecular weight: 1049.2

Tribulus Terrestris Extract

Tribulus Terrestris Extract Oil Introduction

Tribulus terrestris extract powder has lower blood pressure, fall hematic fat, fight artery congee sclerosis, consenescence and strong effect. Tribulus terrestris extract powder can enhance human immunity. Briers saponins is hormone nutrition supplements, because this herb is not included in the three main hormones any of a.Tribulus terrestris extract powder can be natural testosterone, increase strength and strong action to improve the overall competitive state, non-toxic side effects.


1. Strong and anti-aging effects

The extract of Lycium barbarum has obvious protective effects on mice suffering from high temperature, low temperature, hypoxia and swimming stress.

2. Sexually strong effect

Oral extracts from rats can significantly stimulate sperm formation, stimulate the activity of Sitoli cells, and increase sexual desire.

3. The role of the cardiovascular system

The saponin preparation of stalks and leaves has a vagal effect on the cardiovascular system of cats and rabbits, which can enhance myocardial contractility, slow down heart rate, dilate coronary arteries and peripheral blood vessels, and show a mild antihypertensive effect.

4. Anti-atherosclerosis and anti-platelet aggregation

Alfalfa extract can significantly reduce the cholesterol level of experimental hypercholesterolemia and inhibit the lipid deposition of arteries, myocardium and liver.

Specification of Tribulus Terrestris Extract



Plant part used

Seed of Tribulus Terrestris Extract


20%,40%,60%,80%,90%,98% by UV


Brown fine powder

Extract solvent

Ethanol & Water

Loss on Drying


Ash content


Total Heavy Metals






Total Plate Count


Total Yeast & Mold


Main Functions

1.It can boost male virility;

2.It can enhance human immunity;

3.It used to reduce blood press and blood fat;

4.It with the function of antioxidant and anti-aging;

5.It can be used to relieve muscle spasm and cramps.


1. Applied in pharmaceutical field, tribulus terrestris extract powder can reduce blood press and fat;

2. Applied in health food industry, tribulus terrestris extract powder used to enhance human immunity.


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