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Oleuropein Olive Leaf Extract

Oleuropein Olive Leaf Extract

Product Code: NF-015
Botanical Source: Leaf of olea europaea
Active ingredient: Oleuropein, Hydroxytyrosol
Specification: Oleuropein 20%, 40%, 60%; Hydroxytyrosol 10%, 20%
Certifications: ISO, KOSHER, HACCP, CQC...
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Oleuropein Olive Leaf Extract Details

Active ingredient: Oleuropein, Hydroxytyrosol

Botanical Source: Leaf of Olea Europaea

Specification: Oleuropein 20%, 40%, 60%; Hydroxytyrosol 10%, 20%


CAS: 32619-42-4

Molecular Formula: C25H32O13

Molecular Weight: 540.51




CAS: 10597-60-1

Molecular Formula: C8H10O3

Molecular Weight: 154.16



Oleuropein Olive Leaf Extract Oil Introduction

Oleuropein, also known as olive bitter, is a natural plant extract, mainly from olive leaves. It is an evergreen tree of the genus Oleaceae, a world famous woody oil and fruit tree. It has high edible value and is rich in high quality edible vegetable oil - olive oil. It is a famous subtropical fruit tree and an important economic forest. Olive oil is broadleaf, single leaf opposite, upper flower white, corolla 4 lobed, male and female 2, ovary 2 locule, 2 ovules per locule, drupe oil, elliptic.

The olive tree, Olea europaea, is an evergreen tree or shrub of the Mediterranean, Asia and Africa. The leaves have been medicinal at different times and locations. Natural olive leaf and olive leaf extract (OLE) are now marketed as anti-aging, immune stimulators and antibiotics.

Oleuropein, the active ingredient of olive leaf extract, is resistant to insects and bacteria. Olive leaf extract may be beneficial because of its polyphenolic fraction, oleuropein, which is the same as the polyphenolic component of red wine. Resveratrol and oleuropein have some important antioxidant effects for users - reducing LDL oxidation is one of the keys.

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Specification of Oleuropein Olive Leaf Extract



Assay (HPLC)

Oleuropein (20%, 40%, 60%)

Hydroxytyrosol(10%, 20%)


Brown-greento Brown yellow Powder

Loss on Drying


Ash content


Residual Solvent

Ethanol ≦5000ppm

Total Heavy Metals










Total  Plate Count


Total  Yeast & Mold


Extraction Method

At present, the commonly used methods for extracting oleuropein are extraction method, ultrasonic assisted extraction method, microwave assisted extraction method, supercritical CO2 extraction method, dispersion liquid-liquid microextraction method, superheated liquid extraction method, low temperature decompression boiling distillation extraction method, etc. Xie Pujun and other comprehensive analysis and comparison of different methods, that the combination of ultrasonic and low temperature decompression is a current extraction method suitable for industrial production, and easy to operate, high efficiency, low energy consumption; in addition, it is believed that the future natural product extraction device can The advanced analytical technology HPLC, GC-MS and other instruments are directly used to achieve on-line analysis and detection, which not only can improve the speed of analysis and detection, but also control the quality of products. This is also a development trend of future research on natural product extraction and separation.

Pharmacological action

According to research, oleuropein has anti-viral, anti-tumor, anti-oxidation, anti-bacterial, hypoglycemic, antihypertensive, prevention of coronary heart disease and atherosclerosis. The use of oleuropein is also widely used for the discovery of various pharmacological activities. The high content is mainly used for skin care products, which can protect skin cells from UV rays, effectively maintain the tenderness and elasticity of the skin, and achieve skin care and youthfulness. Microherb contains 80% high levels of oleuropein, designed for skin care products, and its high active ingredients and light color make it an ideal choice for cosmetic formulations.

Purification method

1. Ye Jianzhong obtained a crude extract of oleuropein by hot reflux leaching. After purification with the selected AB-8 resin, the optimum conditions for the purification of AB-8 resin are: mass concentration of the sample is 2g / L. 70% ethanol - water elution, flow rate is 3 mL / min, the amount of eluent is 3 BV, the final oleuropein purity was 47.90%, the flavonoid content was 16.4%, and the yield was 6.43%.

2. Fu Shan et al. studied the adsorption of oleuropein by six different macroporous resins, and screened D101 macroporous adsorption resin, which has good adsorption selectivity. Using D101 resin as the adsorbent material, the optimal adsorption conditions were obtained: the sample concentration was 41.06 mg / mL, the flow rate was 5 mL / min, and the 50% ethanol solution was eluted. The amount of eluent is 260 mL and the resin can be reused. After enrichment by macroporous resin, the purity of oleuropein can reach more than 55%, and can be more than 76% after purification by dextran gel.

Main Functions

1. It has a strong antioxidant effect;

2. It can enhance the health of the immune system;

3. It can lower blood pressure and protect the heart;

4. It strengthens the bones;

5. It has anti-cancer properties;


1. It is used to eliminate viruses.

2. It can prevent arteriosclerosis.

3. It is used to lower blood pressure.

4. It can be used as an effective antioxidant to prevent arteriosclerosis.

5. It can increase the blood flow of the coronary artery and relieve the arrhythmia.


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