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Silymarin From Milk Thistle

Silymarin From Milk Thistle

Product Code: NF-008
Botanical Source:Seed of Silybum marianum
Active ingredient: Silymarin
Specification: 80% (DAB10), 50% (USP38)
Certifications: ISO, KOSHER, HACCP, CQC...
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Product Details

Active ingredient: Silymarin

Botanical Source: Seed of Silybum marianum

Specification:80% (DAB10), 50% (USP38)

CAS: 65666-07-1

Molecular Formula: C25H22O10

Molecular Weight: 482.44



Silymarin From Milk Thistle Oil Introduction

Silymarin, isolated from the milk thistle, also known as Silybum marianum, is an annual or biennial plant of the Asteraceae family. This rather typical scorpion has red to purple flowers and shiny light green leaves with white veins. It is native to southern Europe and continues to Asia and is now global.

The substance has a variety of functions, it can protect liver cells from toxic substances, especially alcohol and environmental pollutants (insecticides, heavy metals, etc.) invade the liver; has strong antioxidant function, protects liver cells from The damage of free radicals is far superior to vitamin E; it promotes protein synthesis, accelerates the production of new hepatocytes, or repairs damaged liver cells themselves. Therefore, it is called "natural liver protection drugs." In addition, silymarin also has anti-radiation, anti-aging, prevention and treatment of arteriosclerosis, delaying skin aging and other effects. This product is widely used in the production of medicines, health products, cosmetics, food and other products.

A large number of studies have shown that silymarin and silybin compounds have a wide range of pharmacological activities. 

The main activities are summarized as follows:

Scavenging reactive oxygen species

Directly scavenging reactive oxygen species, resisting lipid peroxidation and maintaining cell membrane fluidity

Liver protection

Anti-tumor effect

Anti-cardiovascular disease

Protecting cerebral ischemic injury



Specification of Silymarin from Milk Thistle



Assay (UV / HPLC)

80% (DAB10)

50% (USP)


Light yellow   powder

Loss on Drying


Ash content


Residual Solvent

Acetone ≦3000ppm


Total Heavy Metals










Total Plate Count


Total Yeast & Mold



Main Functions

1. Silymarin from milk thistle appears to promote the growth of some types of cells in the liver.

2. Milk Thistle Extract can block various types of toxins from entering and injuring liver cells.

3. Silymarin can prevent free radicals substances from damaging liver cells.

4. Milk thistle Silymarin is thought to prevent inflammation of the liver.


1. Silymarin extract can reduce the growth of cancer cells in breast cancer, cervical cancer and prostate cancer.

2. Silymarin milk thistle extract is mainly used for viral hepatitis, acute and chronic hepatitis, cirrhosis, fatty liver, nutrition, metabolic disorders and cardiovascular diseases.

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