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Horse Chestnut Extract Aescin 98% Hplc

Horse Chestnut Extract Aescin 98% Hplc

Product Code: NF-013
Botanical Source: Seed of Aesculus Hippocastanum
Active ingredient: Aescin
Specification: Brown Fine Powder (20%, 40%), White Fine Powder (98%, 99%)
Certifications: ISO, KOSHER, HACCP, CQC...
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Horse Chestnut Extract Aescin 98% HPLC Details

Active ingredient: Aescin

Botanical Source: Seed of Aesculus Hippocastanum

Specification: Brown Fine Powder (20%, 40%), 

                       White Fine Powder (98%, 99%)

CAS: 6805-41-0

Molecular Formula: C55H86O24

Molecular Weight: 1131.26

Molecular Structure:


Horse Chestnut Extract Aescin 98% Hplc Introduction

The fruit of the horse chestnut contains a large amount of saponin, called esculin, which is a toxic substance that destroys red blood cells, but some animals such as deer and squirrels can resist the toxins of the horses. Some people use their fruits to grind poisonous fish. California horse chestnuts can cause some types of bee poisoning because their nectar also contains toxins, but local native bees can resist this toxin. This toxin is not resistant to high temperatures and the starch in the seeds can be eaten after cooking. The seeds of the Chinese horse chestnut are a kind of traditional Chinese medicine, which is called the scorpion, so sometimes the Chinese horse chestnut is also called the scorpion tree.


Specification of Horse Chestnut Extract Aescin 98% HPLC



Assay   (UV & HPLC)

20%, 40%, 98%, 99%


Brown powder or White Powder

Loss   on Drying


Ash   content


Residual   Solvent

Ethanol   ≦5000ppm

Total   Heavy Metals










Total   Plate Count


Total   Yeast & Mold


Pharmacological Action

Animal experiments have shown that it has anti-inflammatory, anti-exudation, increased venous tone, improved blood circulation and correction of brain dysfunction. It has obvious inhibitory effects on experimental toe edema caused by protein, carrageenan and dextran, and granuloma caused by cotton ball or formaldehyde filter paper. It has obvious protective effects on animals such as carbon monoxide that cause brain edema. Experiments showed that the inhibition rate of inflammation or swelling was the highest at 16h before the onset of edema, and its inhibitory effect on rat egg white arthritis was 4-5 times that of hydrocortisone, and acute exudation of rat croton oil and The increase of capillary permeability in mice induced by histamine phosphate has a significant inhibitory effect, which is about 7 times and 8 times higher than that of hydrocortisone, and can resist ultraviolet erythema exudation and bradykinin. Increased lymphatic permeability in the hind limbs of rabbits has an effect on increasing the tension of human isolated veins. Intravenous administration has a contractile effect on the mesenteric vein of rats and frogs, and can significantly improve local blood circulation, and corrects EEG abnormalities caused by rabbit brain edema and total brain impedance reduction. 

Main Functions

1. Aescin has been shown to promote circulation through the veins.

2. Aesculus hippocastanum seed extract possesses anti-inflammatory properties

3. It inhibits the enzyme hyaluronidase and makes veins less permeable and less fragile.

Jujube extract has anti-tissue edema, reduces vascular permeability and prevents water accumulation in tissues, and quickly eliminates heavy feeling and pressure caused by local edema. It can treat stomach cold pain, abdominal distension, hoarding insect pain, malaria, dysentery. It plays a significant role in anti-inflammatory, anti-exudation and swelling, can restore the normal permeability of capillaries, increase the venous tension, and improve microcirculation. In Europe, the indications are mainly edema caused by peripheral circulation disorders, mainly in oral and topical dosage forms. Aescin is an internationally recognized important natural medicine. After thousands of years of clinical observation, it is believed that sodium aescinate has a high therapeutic value for external injury and peripheral vascular disease.


1. Horse chestnut extract is popular in Europe for the treatment of chronic venous insufficiency, lesser extent and varicose veins.

2. Horse chestnut extract has been shown to reduce post-traumatic edema (liquid swelling), especially after sports injuries, surgery and head injuries.

3. Aesculus hippocastanum extract is widely used in pharmaceutical field for relieving pain, easing the pressure,

4. Having the effect of removing edema, antifatigue and easing the pressure, esculin is widely used in health industry,

5. The horse chestnut extract can be used in cosmetics because it has anti-inflammatory skin effects.

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