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Emodin in Aloe Vera

Emodin in Aloe Vera

Product name: Aloe-Emodin
Alias: Aloe diarrhea, aloe-emodin, ALOEEMODIN, aloe-emodin (standard product)
Chemical formula: C15H10O5
CAS: 481-72-1
EINECS: 207-571-7
Application: Qualitative and quantitative analysis of rhubarb; inhibit the growth of tumor cells.
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What is aloe-emodin?

Emodin in aloe vera (AE) is an anthraquinone substance and exists in Chinese herbal medicines such as aloe, rhubarb, and cassia seed. Its chemical name is 1,8-dihydroxy-3-hydroxymethyl-9,10-anthraquinone, and its molecular formula is C15H10O5. The molecular weight is 270.23. The pharmacological action is closely related to the chemical structure. The anthraquinone ring and two phenolic hydroxyl groups in aloe-emodin determine that it has a variety of biological activities such as scavenging oxygen free radicals and anti-tumor.

aloe emodinemodin powder





Brown to Brown Yellow Powder



Practically insoluble in water,soluble in Dimethyl acetamide



Retention time of main peak identical with the working standard.


Loss on Drying



Tatal Ash



Total Heavy Metals



Purity by HPLC



Assay by HPLC (ODB)





Tested by:


Approved by:  Jicheng Niu

Emodin in aloe vera usually exists as orange needle-like crystals (from toluene) or ocher powder. The chemical formula is C15H10O5, the melting point is 223-224°C, and it is soluble in acetaldehyde, benzene (yellow), ammonia (crimson), and sodium carbonate aqueous solution. Easily soluble in hot ethanol. The anthrone is reduced to anthraphenol and its tautomers in an acidic solution.

Benefits of aloe-emodin

1 Cardiovascular protection

1.1 The scavenging effect of oxygen free radicals

1.2 Lower blood pressure

1.3 The potential role of regulating blood lipids

2 Hepatoprotective effect

3 Anti-tumor effect

4 Anti-pathogenic microorganisms and anti-inflammatory effects

5 Skin conditioning effect

6 Regulate the body's immune function

The application of emodin in aloe vera:

1. Pharmaceutical and chemical intermediates.

2. Health food additives.

3. Raw materials for cosmetics and hair care.

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How to extract aloe-emodin?

Put aloe dry powder (10g) in a 500mL round bottom flask, add 4M HCl (150mL), react at 110°C for 30 minutes, then suction filter while hot, and wash the filter residue with deionized water, combine the filtrate, and re-set the volume to 300mL, heated to boiling. Add FeCl (325g) into deionized water (15mL) to dissolve the solution and slowly add the solution to the above reaction solution. After the reaction is continued for 8 hours, it is filtered while hot and washed with deionized water to obtain a crude product. Toluene (400mL) was added to the crude product, connected to a Soxhlet extractor, and the reaction was continued at 140°C for 8h. After the reaction is over, filter it while it is hot, cool it to room temperature, and put it in the refrigerator to recrystallize. After filtering and drying, the pure aloe-emodin product is obtained.


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