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Aloesin: Aloeresin
Naphthone compounds
Molecular formula: C19H22O9,
Molecular weight: 394
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What is aloeresin?

Aloesin (Aloeresin B), its chemical name is 2-acetonyl-8-D-glucopyranose-7-hydroxy-5-methylparaxonone", which is derived from the leaves of the Liliaceae plant aloe The white needle-like crystals (ethanol) obtained by the separation and extraction have a content of about 3% in the plant aloe. The molecular formula of aloe is: C19H22O9, the CAS registration number is 30861-27-9, the relative molecular weight is 394.13, and the melting point is 146~ 147C. Aloesin gradually turns yellow in the air, at the same time it is easy to absorb moisture, easily soluble in pyridine, dimethyl sulfoxide, soluble in water, ethanol, acetone, insoluble in petroleum ether, etc. Aloe Aloesin in aqueous solution added 5% NaOH turns yellow, and it reacts with HCI-Zn powder to show red.

Aloealoeresin powder

Where does Aloeresin come from?

Aloeresin is rich in sources. It exists in many plants of the genus Aloe in the Liliaceae, among which Aloe Curaçao has a higher content. The content of Aloe vera is about 0.32‰. Aloeresin is mainly located in the vascular bundle sheath cells and a circle of parenchyma cells between the water storage tissue and the assimilated parenchyma. In addition, the content of Aloeresin varies in different parts of the leaf, and the highest content is at the edge of the leaf. The inner surface of the paraxial is higher than the outer surface of the off-axis, and the tip of the blade is higher than the base.

Aloeresin benefits:

1. Inhibit tyrosinase activity

It can competitively inhibit the oxidation of dopa and non-competitively inhibit the tyrosine lightening reaction, thus cutting off all downstream pathways of melanin synthesis through mixed inhibition, preventing the continued oxidation of dopa and the synthesis of melanin. Although many traditional medicines such as hydrogen aldehydes and mercury preparations also have such functions, Aloeresin extracted from natural plants can avoid irreversible skin damage and mercury preparations caused by poisoning and other adverse symptoms, so it is widely used. Used in cosmetic whitening products.

2. Anti-tumor and leukemia

It has anti-cancer activity. It can promote the accumulation of microtubules in the metaphase of tumor cell division and interfere with the process of mitosis, thereby enhancing the body's immunity, inhibiting and killing tumor cells. At the same time, it is manifested as surrounding fiber wraps and lymphocyte infiltration. It is also one of the natural active ingredients against leukemia.

3. Promote cell growth, anti-inflammatory, etc.

It has a positive effect on the growth of mammalian cells, especially human anti-hepatocarcinoma cell lines. It can stimulate cell growth by promoting the synthesis of cyclin A or Cdk2 enzyme protein, and increase their enzyme activity. DNA synthesis to promote tissue cell growth. So it also plays an important role in wound healing and tissue regeneration. Aloeresin chromone can reduce the chance of croton oil-induced inflammation, thereby reducing various symptoms caused by inflammation, such as: edema, pain, fever, etc., thereby playing an anti-inflammatory effect. At the same time, it can not only inhibit bacteria, but also has a good therapeutic effect on bacterial infections. More importantly, bacteria and fungi are not easy to develop resistance to it. Compared with the common aloin, Aloeresin is less prone to oxidation and less likely to cause allergic symptoms.

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Natural Field is a manufacturer and supplier specializing in aloe products. With more than ten years of production experience, we have professional production qualifications, strict quality control, and a professional service team. Please contact us directly through this page or send to info@natural-field.com to buy aloe products.

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