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Supplement Ingredients

Gossypol Acetate

Gossypol Acetate

Product Name: Gollypol Acetate
Specification: 98%
CAS: 12542-36-8
Certification: ISO, HACCP, KOSHER
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Gossypol Acetate Details

Product Name: Gollypol Acetate

Specification: 98%

CAS: 12542-36-8

Certification: ISO, HACCP, KOSHER

Extract Part: seed

Molecular Formula: C30H30O8 * C2H4O2

Molecular Weight: 578.61

Appearance: Brown yellow Powder

Assay by HPLC: 98% Min

Solubility: Unsoluble in water, dissolve in methanol, ethanol and chloroform.

Gossypol Acetate Oil Introduction

Gossypol is the active component extracted from cotton roots and seeds. It accounts for about 1.5% of the seeds in weight, an is mostly used as medicine in the form of Gollypol Acetate (Gossypol Acetic Acid). It is the natural male contraceptive and is also used for treatment of female gynecological disorders. Clinic studies indicate that it has potent antitumor and antivirus acitivity and has used for treating the cancer of adrenal cortex and bladder cancer.

It can be found in beans, cabbage, brussels sprouts, broccoli, asparagus, other vegetables, and whole grains. Raffinose can be hydrolyzed to D-galactose and sucrose by the enzyme α-galactosidase (α-GAL), an enzyme not found in the human digestive tract. α-GAL also hydrolyzes other α-galactosides such as stachyose, verbascose, and galactinol, if present. The enzyme does not cleave β-linked galactose, as in lactose.

Gossypol and L-gossypol have the effect of inhibiting spermatogenesis. The left-handed body is an active ingredient, which is twice as strong as the racemic body, while the right-handed body is ineffective. Sperm cells and spermatocytes, which mainly affect the seminiferous tubules of the testis, cause less sperm, sperm abnormalities, and even no sperm. There is also a local spermicidal effect.

Gossypol has a significant role in inhibiting spermatogenesis. The main components of the action are the spermatozoa and the late sperm cells, which are sensitive to gossypol, followed by the spermatocytes at all levels. With the increase of the dose of gossypol, the testicular damage and The destructive effect is correspondingly aggravated, and the sperm cells in the seminiferous tubules can be further detached, so that they completely disappear, and the lumen is emptied. Most of the lumens only see a layer of supporting cells at the base of the tube wall and a small amount of spermatozoa remaining. Cells are not aligned.

Gossypol acetate inhibits the ovarian and endometrial and myometrial steroid hormone receptors, resulting in a marked thinning of the endometrium and myometrium, a decrease in menstrual flow; a high concentration of gossypol that is involved in cell growth-related enzymes or functions. Protein action, which causes apoptosis, but does not induce cell malignant hyperplasia; gossypol acetate inhibits renal medullary ascending branch (Na--K--Cl-) combined transport system, so that sodium ion potassium ion, chloride ion Reduced reabsorption, resulting in renal potassium excretion.

Specification of Gossypol Acetate



Assay by HPLC

98.0% min, 99% min.




Brown Yellow powder

Extract Solvent

Ethanol & water

Loss on Drying


Ash content


Residual Solvent


Total Heavy Metals










Total Plate Count


Total Yeast & Mold


Main Functions

Gossypol acetate has important applications in medical and industrial applications, and has a certain effect on male birth control, treatment of menopausal women's diseases, anti-tuberculosis, anti-tumor and anti-virus. It has potent anti-tumor and anti-viral activity and can be used to treat adrenal and bladder cancer.

Refined gossypol acetate is used as a 20 mg daily diet for men, which significantly reduces sperm survival. After 9 000 trials, gossypol was confirmed to be a reliable male contraceptive. It is a natural male contraceptive and is also used to treat female gynecological diseases. Gossypol acetate has been treated, and it has significant effects on some gynecological diseases, such as uterine fibroids, functional bleeding, and endometriosis. At the same time, it also has obvious effects on the treatment of certain urinary diseases such as benign prostatic hyperplasia and prostate cancer.

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